HCK 24" Beverage Air Kegerator - 2-in-1 Under-counter Kegerator with 3 Faucets & Reversible Stainless Steel Door

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2-in-1 Functionality: This HCK 24" Beverage Air Kegerator can be used as an outdoor fridge with the 3 shelves that come by default. It can also be used as a kegerator with 3 taps and a spacious interior space. This can accommodate one full-size keg (15.5 gallons), two 1/4 beer barrels (7.75 gallons each), and three 5-gallon kegs. (Note: Kegs are NOT included)

Full Accessories Included: The complete set of D system keg tapping kit allows you to dispense cold draft beer straight from the keg. Also included by default are the guard rail, drip tray, casters, safety lock, and three wire shelves for refrigerator usage. All these significantly reduce your extra purchasing costs and save your time.

High Flexibility of Placement: With its fully reversible stainless door, this HCK 24" Beverage Air Kegerator can also be used as a freestanding or built-in kegerator/refrigerator. You can change the orientation of the door according to your needs.

Precise Temperature Control: Its powerful and highly efficient compressor-based cooling system utilizes environmentally friendly R600a refrigerant. This provides an effective temperature range from 32°F to 50°F. The temperature is constantly monitored by its built-in sensors that help keep your favorite beverages at their best shape. Most importantly, you can adjust the temperature setting by using the press button controller with a blue-colored LED display.

Hassle-Free: We provide a 1-year factory warranty on non-consumable components, and 3 years on compressors. If you need any further assistance, we are just one click away to ensure your 100% satisfaction.


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Product information

Technical Details

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Product Description

Product Information:

  • Kegerator + Beverage Refrigerator 2 in 1
  • Taps: 3
  • Temperature Range: 32°F~50°F
  • Product Dimension: 34 (H) x 24 (W) x 23 (D) Inches
  • Energy Consumption: 1.5kwh/24hr
HCK K188 24

HCK K188 24" Beverage Air Kegerator - 2-in-1 Under-counter Kegerator

  • Kegerator + Refrigerator 2 in 1 and reversible door hinge offers you a high degree of utilization convenience
  • 3 Taps offers 3 different tastes of beer and 3 different possibilities of surprise...
  • Durable SUS 304 construction rated for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • A high-efficiency compressor reduces your energy cost for the fridge down to 9 cents a day
  • R600a refrigerant helps fight global warming
  • Super low noise level at 45dB, you won't even notice when it's running!
  • A high level of convenience is offered by its auto defrost function and self-closing door.
  • Can be used as a freestanding or built-in under-counter kegerator/refrigerator under residential/commercial scenarios.
  • Easy-to-use adjustable temperature control with built-in TMS that keeps your beverages/beer of choice at its best temperature all day, every day.
  • Front venting design enables under-counter integration.
Full SUS304 Interior

Full SUS304 Interior

The HCK 24" Beverage Air Kegerator is rated for outdoor use to ensure its normal operation under a harsh environment at a temperature of up to 108 °F, it can also be used indoors too.

Its front venting design made it possible for integrating this refrigerator under your counter and made it a great addition to your home bar and outdoor kitchen providing constant access to your choice of cold beers with up to 3 different tastes.

Precise Temperature Control

Precise Temperature Control

This 2-in-1 Under-counter Kegerator can keep your favorite beer and beverages polar cold at as low as 32°F and make them ready for whenever your family and party guests need them!

Its built-in TMS system will constantly monitor the temperature in the refrigerator for you and keep your beverages at the most suitable temperature day and night, and its push-button temperature adjustment with LCD makes temperature control convenient and easy to use.

3 Removable Shelves & Lock

3 Removable Shelves & Lock

With 3 removable and fully adjustable shelves, our Beverage Air Kegerator offers the possibility to store beverages while enjoying your beer.

The built-in lock guards your keg/beverages when your HCK K188 kegerator/refrigerator is used outdoors, preventing unauthorized access to your favorite beer and beverages, and by the way, it comes with two keys.

Dimensions for builder's reference

  • Product Dimension: 23.2 x 23.8 x 34.1 inch
  • Recommended reserve space: 1.2 inch from back of the wall, 0.4 inch for each side and 0.6 inch from the top

Guide to Door Reversal

Guide to Door Reversal

IMPORTANT: Please make sure all parts removed are kept properly so that you can reverse the door again if necessary.


  1. Detach the bottom hinge plate (3) from the fridge by removing the four locking screws (1) . Please hold the door firmly after screws are removed.
  2. Gently pull down to remove the door from the right top hinge piece (5) and place it on a padded surface to avoid the risk of damage.
  3. Transfer the cover caps (6) and (7) on the door to cover the holes (8) and (9).
  4. Detach the top right hinge piece (5) from the fridge by removing the locking screws (4).
  5. Transfer the locking screws for the top hinge piece (11) right top holes.
  6. Install the hinge plate (3) to the opposite side.
  7. Place the axes (2) on the hinge plate and put the door on it.
  8. Attaching the top left hinge (10) and all the fittings to the body of the fridge by locking screw onto the left hand side of fridge and tighten it after the door is leveled.


Combine function with style with HCK K168 refrigerators designed to fit your lifestyle

How We Compare

HCK-‎K168 Kegco K199SS-1 Danby DKC054A1BSL EdgeStar KC3000SSTRIP
Large Storage Capacity

With a stout 6.04 cubic feet of cold storage and ample space for multiple options of drinks servable over three separate taps.

Checkmark - Yes Checkmark - No Checkmark - No Checkmark - No
Easy Conversion

With 3 shelves and a spacious interior space big enough to accommodate one full-size keg, our 24" Beverage Air Kegerator can be easily converted to a freestanding or built-in kegerator/refrigerator.

Checkmark - Yes Checkmark - Yes Checkmark - Yes Checkmark - Yes
Temperature Range

With a temperature range of 32°F to 50°F, this versatile commercial kegerator is suitable for serving ice-cold beer or dispensing wine at its ideal temperature.

Checkmark - Yes Checkmark - No Checkmark - No Checkmark - Yes
Front venting design

The front venting design of this 3-tap kegerator enables under-counter integration and ventilation.

Checkmark - Yes Checkmark - No Checkmark - No Checkmark - No
Removable Drip Tray

This helps keep sticky beer spills confined to the tray instead of all over your counter, kegerator top, or floor.

Checkmark - Yes Checkmark - Yes Checkmark - Yes Checkmark - Yes

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The recommended temperature for storing and serving beer is 36 – 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping your kegerator in this range will help your beer retain the level of carbonation that was created during the brewing process.

In a kegerator, you have roughly eight weeks to drink a pasteurized beer. Keep in mind, however, that time will shift from brewery to brewery.

It's essential to clean the beer line, as this ensures that the remnants of previous beverages don’t impact the taste once you tap a new keg. You should also make sure to clean the tap as well as the drip tray and wipe down all surfaces with a mild cleaner or wipes.

Our HCK 24" Beverage Air Kegerator weighs 121 pounds

An essential part of dispensing beer from your kegerator involves your carbon dioxide (CO2) Tank. To get the perfect pour, your CO2 tank needs to be properly installed and optimized to deliver you the best taste.

Place the 2.5lb CO2 tank (which comes with your 24" HCK kegerator) inside the kegerator on the triangular shape platform. If you need to connect your keg to the CO2 tank with a large capacity, you are recommended to place it outside the kegerator by removing the covers at the back of the kegerator and connecting the CO2 tank to the keg through the holes.

You will likely need to refill or replace your CO2 tank every two to four kegs, depending on the size of the canister and kegs used. You can do it yourself using an air compressor or have them refilled at a welding shop or homebrew or beverage supply store.

Hello and thank you very much for asking. Please note that the plug for this product is compatible with US electricity outlets.

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