Outdoor Coffee & Side Tables

Outdoor Coffee & Side Tables

Outdoor Coffee & Side Tables

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Our stunning outdoor and garden furniture features fantastic sets that suit any part of the garden, patio or balcony.

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Modern outdoor furniture is usually weather resistant and comfortable, making it a great addition to the next outdoor family BBQ or summer party. From outdoor sofas to individual patio chairs and outdoor dining furniture, there's no limit to creating the perfect combination of items for an outdoor living area. Outdoor patios are not just dining tables and sofas. Consider adding patio chairs to supplement seating, or a bench to accent an open space. To keep cool in the heat, an outdoor ceiling fan is a must. A variety of lighting fixtures are also required, such as flush mounts, wall sconces, portable lamps, post lights and landscape lighting.

Other Considerations

The first thing to do is to decide where the new pieces should be. Knowing if the furniture is used for the patio or the deck will help determine what is needed. If the outdoor living area already has furnishings and lighting, consider coordinating with a similar color scheme. Consider the style too—black, white and gray make a minimalist statement, while colorful outdoor sets offer a popping personality. Wooden outdoor furniture is a great choice for matching the natural aesthetic. 

Furniture that can withstand the elements and be easily maintained and cleaned is desirable. For wooden outdoor furniture, pay close attention to what types of cleaners are able to be used as there are different suggestions for varying types of wood. For metal outdoor furniture, you use a wire brush to remove any built-up rust. Routine maintenance will keep any furniture looking new and clean.