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Why We Love Tables

What is the room without the quintessential table? As the centerpiece of the dining room where friends and family are bound to gather, the table stands out for its decoration while providing form and function the room needs. From quaint round tables to long extension tables for holiday gatherings and those inspired by mid-century modern tables or traditional good wood looks, you'll find a large variety of modern tables here to introduce to your home's dining area.

In most dining room and kitchen spaces, the table is the final piece of furniture needed to tie everything together. You likely have your lighting in place and have already chosen the side chairs and armchairs you'll surround the room with, making the table the last fixture needed to cement the room's decor. To gather around for formal dinners and dining occasions or to simply serve as a workspace for any day of the week, you'll be sure to appreciate the inclusion of a modern table in your dining room. And with styles ranging from traditional to ultra-modern and everything in between, there's a table here just waiting for your dining room.

A Modern Table for Every Style

Modern tables are inherently fond of contemporary homes, however, you'll find a variety of tables to match just about any dining room aesthetic. Round dining tables from Tom Dixon are ideal for compact dining areas and can even find their home in the kitchen nook where their small personality is highly welcomed. Gus Modern's table collection plays perfectly into a retro-inspired dining room with shapes and styles reminiscent of mid-century design. Classic wood designs including those from Copeland Furniture make a noticeably elegant statement and look to Blu Dot for an assortment of clean-lined contemporary dining furniture. Finally, introduce exquisite Italian furniture to your home with a modern table from the Calligaris collection.

How to Choose the Best Table

Choosing the best modern dining table begins with properly assessing your dining room's layout to understand the sizes of tables you have to work with. With measuring tape in hand, try to get an idea of the width, height, and depth of the space to know exactly what size table size is best. You don't want the room to feel too crowded and at the same time, you don't want available space to be underutilized. You'll also need to determine the shape of the table you would like, keeping in mind this assortment includes round tables, standard square tables, long rectangular tables, and large extension tables. With a specific size and shape in mind, you're ready to refine your options by color, materials - wood, plastic, marble, etc. - and any design features you would like to have present in your space. If you have any questions about the dining room tables featured here, please call our furniture experts at +1 617 820 6639.