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About Us

Welcome to, where you can find multitudes of classical, high-quality, and newly designed home decor items at affordable prices. Our categories cover furniture, decor, home lighting, storage, gardening, kitchen, and bathroom products. We also intend to expand our categories to include more unique and innovative home appliances, as we believe in making people’s homes feel cozy, welcoming, and exciting. 

We are a group of an international team across Shanghai, Boston, and Los Angeles, who also share the same passion for charming and elegant home decorations. The right set of our products will create a great looking space in your home, thus creating happy and unforgettable moments and memories in your lives. Each of our products blends form and function, expressing love for the environment while also making your life beautiful. Given this, Charmydecor's team strives to continually search for modern, classical, and artistically crafted decoration items to make them easily accessible in one spot for our customers to choose the one that best suits their style. 

We work directly with selected factories, and all products are delivered to our warehouse in Shanghai, where we conduct a quality check to ensure they're suitable for use, before shipping them to our customers. We also have warehouses in Los Angeles to stock some best-selling products and also provide easy return services for our customers. For more details on our shipping and return policy, you can refer to our Shipping Policy and Return & Refund Policy pages.

Our stock contains over 3,000 uniquely designed products, and we aim to increase our product portfolio to over 20,000 products in the nearest future. Until then, we don't intend to have an even wider product base; rather, we will constantly update our product portfolio to make sure the items we offer are the most time-proven and excellently designed products. Ultimately, we will be highly involved in the product design process, so that we can create exquisite products to better serve our customers.

Currently, our company focuses on the US markets, but we're also able to provide service and deliver items to the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Poland, and many other countries. There might be a slight increase in the shipping fee; please contact our customer support team to help to estimate the total cost. 

Whether you need help finding the ideal décor for your space or you wish to source some unique products you found elsewhere, our team offers full-service support, and we are just a click or call away. 

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us by Email us at We typically reply within 12 hours. 

Happy shopping!