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Shipping Policy

Package Delivery Time
Charmydecor collaborates with several selected manufacturers to provide you with high-quality products at good rates. We are committed to fulfilling every order promptly. As soon as your order is placed, we will contact you via email and SMS to confirm additional order information.

Air Courier
We make every effort to ship products to our customers as quickly as possible. We will set up air courier delivery if the items our consumer purchases are eligible for it. Once it is confirmed that the order will be shipped via this method, the package will be delivered within 15 to 25 calendar days. We will also provide you with an online URL so you can simply track your latest order status. Meanwhile, you are always welcome to contact us directly to get your order status.

Matson Ocean Freight together with UPS/FedEx
Some of our products are heavy and large, thus it’s not very economical to use an air courier to ship them from our Shanghai warehouse to your receiving address after quality inspection. To maintain an optimum balance between shipping time and cost for our customers, we mostly use Matson Inc, which is one of the most known and reliable fast American shipping companies. It usually takes 10-11 calendar days to ship the item from Shanghai to Los Angeles. After that, it takes 1-3 business days for our customs broker to finish the customs clearance and hand over the package to UPS/FedEx. This entire process is carried out in complete transparency. In most cases, we will provide our customer a second confirmation email that includes the Matson boat name, voyage number, and, if necessary, the precise container number. Once the item is handed over to UPS/FedEx, a tracking number will also be generated and shared with our customers. Once again, our customers can always come to us directly to inquire about their package status.

There are just three factors that could potentially prolong the total delivery time.

  1. There are normally 1-2 Matson boat shipping from Shanghai to LA. Every Wednesday and/or Thursday. If your items are just prepared and ready for shipping on Friday, for example, the order will wait a few days for the nearest Matson boat voyage.
  2. Customs clearance in LA port. The customs will normally pick up some cargo for a routine inspection. If the container of your package is chosen for such inspection, it could prolong the whole customs clearance time which is normally 1-3 business days. But we will provide full transparency during the whole process as always.
  3. The items you order are either out of stock or they are customized products. Since we are constantly sourcing the latest design from selected manufacturers, there are chances that the items you like are customized. Neither we nor the manufacturers have a current stock of those items. This will normally require 5-20 days of production time, we will let you know the status within 24 hours once your order is placed. You are welcome to get in touch with us to inquire about any product availability before you place an order. Be rest assured that your money is always safe with us. Besides the normal return & refund policy we promised, if your items are customized products, we will only get your confirmation first before we start to proceed with the order processing. 

In the case of Matson Ocean Freight together with UPS/FedEx shipping solution, a majority of our packages arrive at the delivery address within 30 to 40 days after the placement of orders.

Matson Ocean Freight together with Truck Delivery
Some of our products are extremely heavy, bulky, and large, and it’s more economical to ship via truck delivery instead of UPS/FedEx. In such cases, we use trucks for our last-mile delivery to deliver the items once the customs clearance is completed. Typically, our truck drivers will call our customers in advance to schedule the exact delivery time. We continue to be very transparent about the delivery throughout the entire process.

In the case of Matson Ocean Freight together with Truck Delivery shipping solution, a majority of our packages arrive at the delivery address within 35 to 45 days after the placement of orders.

Other Ocean Freight Option
While the Matson ocean shipping is the fastest solution, there are occasions when our customers' orders are not urgent. In this event, we can help to arrange a regular ocean freight solution such as Evergreen, CMA CGM, ZIM shipping companies, and so on. These ocean freight options will reduce our customers' costs, and we are willing to give the savings back to our customers. For more details, please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific orders.

Get In Touch
When placing your orders with us at Charmydecor, be sure to provide the right contact phone number, email address, and a well-detailed delivery address so our team can contact you when necessary.

We provide full transparency about our order delivery, and we will continuously update you on your order status via Emails and SMS weekly. You can always contact us via any of our messaging channels if you have further questions or concerns about your order, we'll be pleased to assist you in any way we can. All inquiries will be replied to within 12 hours typically.

Customer support email: 
WhatsApp Business Account: +1 (323) 522-5839

Please ensure all delivery information is correct. If there is incorrect or missing information, we may be required to contact you to update the delivery information, this may cause delays in delivering your order.

Change of Delivery Address
Once the product is shipped out from our warehouse, an additional fee will be charged if you want to change your delivery address, this is because FedEx/UPS charges sellers for a change of address. We do not charge an additional fee from our customers except the one required by FedEx/UPS for the address changing fee. Please be aware that as a receiver, you have the privilege to contact FedEx/UPS to request a change of delivery address with no additional fee. That’s why if you want to change your order delivery address after the order is shipped out, we may need your assistance to contact FedEx/UPS/USPS from your side. We fully understand the inconvenience it might cause when our customers try to contact the delivery companies. We will do our best to provide the best assistance we can.

Shipping Fee Calculation
We offer free shipping on all orders to the U.S. We're also able to provide service and deliver items to the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Poland, and many other countries. There might be a slight increase in the shipping fee; please contact our customer support team to help to estimate the total cost. We will find the delivery method that has the best balance between the delivery time and shipping cost available in the market. 

We will contact our customer to complete the additional shipping charges before we proceed with the shipment. 

Order Cancellation
Please be aware that you are eligible to cancel your order within 48 hours after you place an order with us at Charmydecor. No questions asked. No fee will be applied. Just send us your order cancellation requirement via any of the following channels.

The online chat tool on our website. 
Customer support email: 
WhatsApp Business Account: +1 (323) 522-5839

Order cancellation beyond 48 hours when the order is placed is only possible if the package has not been shipped out to international cargo either with the sea or airline cargo vendor. In this scenario, we will do our best to provide the best cancellation experience. Please also be aware that a 10% restocking fee per item will be charged in this case.

Kindly understand that due to the complexity of international logistics, once the package is shipped out to the international cargo, you can’t cancel this order anymore at this stage. However, thanks to our 7-day and 30-day money-back guarantees, you are still secure. Additionally, to claim your refund, you must first receive the product package and then send it back to our US warehouse. Please refer to our Returns & Refund Policy for more information.

Refund & Return
Please inspect each item of merchandise carefully upon arrival. You should still open and inspect your orders to check for any damage, even if you don't plan to install or assemble them immediately. If an item arrives damaged, contact our Customer Support team within 7 days so we can quickly process your replacement and pick up the damaged or defective item. Be sure to save all damaged items, packing, and boxes. For more information, please visit our Return & Refund Policy Page.

If you have any other questions or concerns, you can always reach out to us on any of our messaging channels and we’ll be happy to help you in any way we can. 

Customer support email: 
WhatsApp Business Account: +1 (323) 522-5839

Best Regards,
Charmydecor Team