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Wood Makeup Vanity: An Eco-Friendly Choice For Your Beauty Routine

If you're looking to give your morning routine an upgrade in a natural way, a wood makeup vanity is the perfect solution. Not only will it add a touch of style to your space, but it also provides you with a practical surface for applying your cosmetics. Some come equipped with a movable tabletop, others with extra's all up to you!

With ample storage space and drawers, you'll be able to keep all your beauty products organized. Plus, the durable wooden construction ensures your vanity will last for years to come. So if you're looking for a stylish and practical way to store and display your makeup, a wood makeup vanity is a perfect choice!

A high-quality wooden makeup vanity has plenty of real-world advantages too: it's easy to keep clean, so spills won't ruin its surface, and it doesn't need to cost a fortune either – there are plenty available at affordable prices to fit your budget.

These beautiful pieces of furniture are perfect for any bedroom or bathroom. They provide a functional, yet stylish way to store and organize all of your makeup and beauty supplies. With a variety of sizes, colors, and designs to choose from, you can easily find a wood makeup vanity that suits your style and needs. Whether you want something modern, vintage, or rustic, there is sure to be a perfect option for you.

Find the best wood makeup vanities for your home in 2023 with the carefully curated selection we've provided in this guide. Read on for more exciting discoveries.

How we Reviewed

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the best wood makeup vanity. We look for makeup vanities that are made from high-quality wood and have solid construction. Also, we check to make sure these vanities have enough storage space for all your makeup and beauty tools, are easy to assemble, and have a comfortable height for sitting down and doing makeup. Lastly, we searched for vanities that come with additional features, such as a matching stool or a mirror, that can help increase the value of the makeup vanity.

Here’s what we found.

The 10 Best Wood Makeup Vanity in 2023

1. Solid Wood Makeup Vanity with Stool & LED Rotating Mirror

Solid Wood Makeup Vanity

    Feeling good about yourself is a good way to start your day, and with the help of this solid wood makeup vanity, you are sure to begin the day with enthusiasm and a stunning appearance.

    Your cosmetics and skincare items can be stored in an organized and classic way while giving yourself a beautiful look. Its covered storage, efficient use of space, comfortable stool, and 360 degrees LED mirror make this vanity design very appealing. Your room will become more aesthetically appealing with the most magnificent furniture.

    • Wood material: Ash solid wood
    • Mirror Included: Yes
    • Stool Included: Yes

    2. Bedroom Wooden Makeup Vanity with Flip-Top Mirror

    Bedroom dressing table with Flip-Top Mirror

      With this bedroom makeup vanity, you could enjoy the dual benefits of a makeup table and study desk. When you open the lid of the wooden makeup vanity, it could be used as a dressing table with a mirror for your daily makeup. Meanwhile, you will get a simple laptop desk when you close the lid for ample space. 

      There are many storage compartments on the makeup vanity to organize your jewelry, cosmetics, hair accessories, and other beauty supplies, upon opening the flip-top mirror. In addition, this vanity makeup table comes with 2 drawers, and its simple design matches any home decor.

      • Wood material: Rubber Wood
      • Mirror Included: Yes
      • Stool Included: Yes

      3. Modern Floating Makeup Vanity

      a white floating vanity

        Bring style and sophistication to any space in your home with this elegant and unique makeup vanity. Its drawers provide the perfect place to tuck away your makeup and jewelry, while the unique floating design saves you space; you can set the vanity height to your preferred position. 

        This lovely vanity creates tranquility and coziness in the bedroom with its clean and crisp lines. Whether you need a space to do your makeup or just want to add a classy touch to your guest suite, this lovely floating vanity is a must-have for your home.

        • Wood material: Pine Wood
        • Mirror Included: No
        • Stool Included: No

        4. Wooden Makeup Vanity Table with Flip-Top Mirror

        Wooden Makeup Vanity Table Set

          This Vanity Set is a great choice for anyone looking to add a touch of class to their home. The flip-top mirror and ample storage space add a unique feel, making it an attractive diversified table for your space.

          The vanity set is made sturdy and stable by its solid wood legs with curved edges and a compressible swivel mirror. It also comes with a beautifully cushioned stool and great aesthetics. It has a storage capacity that will help you organize your cosmetics, jewelry, and other beauty accessories, which helps you spend less time when applying your makeup. 

          • Wood material: Ash Wood + High-density Board
          • Mirror Included: Yes
          • Stool Included: Yes

          5. Wooden Corner Dressing Table with Storage

          Wooden Corner Dressing Table with Storage

            Make full use of a corner space when you opt for this multi-purpose corner dressing table. It features a flip-top hidden makeup mirror and can be used as a small corner desk, corner computer desk, writing desk, etc. 

            With the unique triangle design, this wooden dressing table is suitable for placement in a small space. Overall, this vanity dressing table is a great choice for anyone looking for a stylish and functional vanity table set at an affordable price.

            • Wood material: Rubber Wood
            • Mirror Included: Yes
            • Stool Included: Yes

            6. Woven Rattan Dressing Table

            Woven Rattan Dressing Table

              This woven rattan vanity has a simple design that will blend perfectly with any interior and also fit all your makeup accessories in an organized way. The dresser is divided into many storage areas so you can locate one that is appropriate for your cosmetics, bottles, jars, etc. 

              To conserve the interior space, the locker can be moved to the left and right based on your preference. With this vanity table, you're sure to experience a better mood when freshening up to start your mornings with an energetic vibe and a fabulous look.

              • Wood material: Solid Wood + Rattan + Veneer
              • Mirror Included: Yes
              • Stool Included: Yes

              7. Creative Retractable Wooden Makeup Vanity

              a black retractable wooden makeup vanity

                This retractable wooden vanity has everything you need to complete your everyday makeup routine. There is enough storage for your cosmetics with several available drawers, and the vanity can be switched out whenever you like.

                Place the wood makeup vanity vertically to create a corner dressing table, or place it by left and right to match the rest of your furnishings. This sleek furniture piece has a graphic accent with a delicate personality that embellishes the furnishings, with the vertical curve creating a slender look.

                • Wood material: MDF
                • Mirror Included: Yes
                • Stool Included: Yes

                8. Amber Glass-Top Makeup Vanity Set

                amber glass-top dressing table

                  Are you still worried about cluttering up your cosmetics or not being able to find them? This Amber Glass-Top Makeup Vanity Set is a desirable furniture for helping to organize and conceal all your beauty tools. It has a sturdy glass top that is very well fitted and can be utilized for several purposes. 

                  Whether It is for Your Wife, Mother or Daughter, This is Definitely the Best Gift! The glass-top vanity is also matched with a comfortable and cute stool, and is sure to bring you a joyful dressing feel.

                  • Wood material: MDF
                  • Mirror Included: Yes
                  • Stool Included: Yes

                  9. Modern Wooden Dressing Table Set

                  wooden walnut dressing table set

                    Looking for a compact makeup vanity that won't have you sacrificing much of your space? We bring you this Wooden Dressing Table Set, which combines fashion and elegance to match the style of any room, perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways. 

                    When closed up, this wood makeup table set looks like a cabinet with four drawers. Its dynamic size makes it the best choice for a smaller room, while the exquisite and unique exterior design brings a refreshing experience to any space. Additionally, the tabletop can be utilized for various needs to organize your everyday essentials. 

                    • Wood material: Rubberwood
                    • Mirror Included: Yes
                    • Stool Included: Yes

                    10. Retractable Makeup Vanity with Storage

                    Retractable Makeup Vanity with Storage

                      Make your morning routine a whole lot simpler with this wood makeup vanity with storage. No more hunting down the exact lipstick to complete your makeup! Sit on the comfortable cushioned stool and easily pick out the right makeup or skincare products from this functional dressing table.

                      The storage cabinet can be retracted left and right and adjusted to fit, saving your interior space. From now on, things go so right every wonderful morning.

                      A perfect gift: it's a great gift choice on a birthday, Christmas, or another meaningful anniversary! With a large mirror, spacious storage, and a comfortable stool, this dreamy vanity set will make whoever receives it be all smiles!

                      • Wood material: MDF + Ashwood 
                      • Mirror Included: Yes
                      • Stool Included: Yes

                      Wood Makeup Vanity FAQs

                      Where is the best position for a makeup vanity?

                      Ideally, you'll want to put your makeup vanity in front of a window: this ensures you get a supply of natural light that distributes evenly across your face.

                      Read more: Where to best place a makeup vanity?

                      Can a wood makeup vanity also be used as a desk?

                      Yes! A wood makeup vanity is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used as both an organizer and workspace – making it ideal for those who want their area tidy yet stylish at the same time.

                      What are the benefits of a wood makeup vanity?

                      Wooden makeup vanity is an excellent choice for any bedroom, as it adds a touch of natural beauty and elegance. It also provides a convenient and organized space for a person to store their beauty and grooming items, helping them stay organized and look their best.

                      Where can I find a good quality wooden makeup vanity? 

                      You'll find lots of great options here at CharmyDecor. You can compare styles, finishes, sizes, and prices to find the perfect one for your needs.

                      In conclusion, a wood makeup vanity is a great addition to any bedroom, bathroom, or vanity area - with its timeless design, durable construction, and versatile storage options. 

                      Remember, buying a quality piece that matches your style and needs makes all the difference in creating a beautiful area for applying your makeup daily! Explore our makeup vanity collection for more options.

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