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Transform Any Dull Wall with These Stunning Wall Accents

Looking to brighten up that plain wall? Decorating your Wall just got easier and better with these awesome budget-friendly wall accents. 

Although, the traditional way to accent a wall is by painting it a different color than the rest or adding wallpapers. Today, decorating an accent wall has become even better and more creative.

It is worth knowing that a wall accent makes it simple to transform a plain or uninteresting room into the center of attention. It is already assembled and all you have to do is hang it up on your wall to make a sophisticated statement. For a more striking effect, identifying the accent wall in the room and hanging one on there will make it even more vibrant and outstanding.

Therefore, We have picked out the top 15 for you to consider before making a purchase. Also, find out how to choose which wall is the accent wall and identify the right wall accent for your home décor.

How do you choose which wall is the accent wall?

We recommend accenting the wall that naturally draws attention. Identify the wall that is most likely to draw the eye when you enter a room. Additionally, there should be no fancy edges or slopes on the wall; it should be uniform so as not to have a contrasting appearance. You can also choose to accent noticeable things such as a fireplace, a built-in bookcase, or architectural nooks. 

How to identify the right wall accent for your décor

The purpose of adding a wall accent to your wall is to elevate its appearance not make it look odd. Hence, you should consider the Style, Color, and Material before adding it to your home décor.


Each style is comprised of distinctive features which give your home décor a signature look. Knowing the features of a specific décor style helps you better understand how to identify the wall accent that best aligns with the style of your home décor. Also, It is important to consider style when choosing a wall accent in respect of color and material.


The Color you choose to buy is very important for the overall harmony of all the decorative accessories present in your home décor theme. The color must blend in well rather than look off. It is advisable to put into consideration your overall décor setting and choose a color that contributes to the aesthetic. 


The material used in designing it varies from Metal to Wood, MDF, Acrylic, etc. It is better to choose the material that best fit in with your other decorative accessories. However, adding a contrasting material of the same style as your home décor can also better elevate the entire décor.

Our Top Picks

  • Luxury Gold Ginkgo Leaves
  • Modern Round Geometric Décor
  • Modern 3D Artistic Figure
  • Modern Gold Metal Ginkgo Leaves
  • Abstract 3D irregular Metal Décor
  • Round Woven Overlapping Rattan Décor
  • Resin Flocking Birds
  • Luxury Creative Metal Stone
  • Industrial 3 Pieces Climbing Men
  • Modern Black Multi-color Lines
  • Modern 3D World Map
  • 3D Hollow-out Ginkgo Leaves
  • 2Pieces Luxury Geometric Rectangle
  • Modern Geometric Circles Motif
  • Modern Light Luxury Hollowed Leaves

1. Luxury Gold Ginkgo Leaves

Ginkgo leaves wall decor

Incorporating this Gold Ginkgo Leaves metal wall art into your home allows you to turn any dull and plain wall into a lovely and colorful landscape. The Ginkgo leaf symbolizes peace and longevity, while its golden color is a symbol of riches. It displays exceptional taste while adding a touch of elegance to your house. 

This Gold Ginkgo Leaves Metal wall art can complement any interior design theme and offer a trendy flair. It is made of Iron and the Ginkgo leaves are fastened to a gold metal frame in three triangles. Also, it is crafted with excellent craftsmanship and is ideal for the dining area, living room, bedroom, or entryway.

Product Details:

Material: Metal
Overall Dimension: 137cmW x 62cmH

Shop Now: Luxury Gold Ginkgo Leaves

2.Modern Round Geometric Décor

Geometric Metal wall accent

This Geometric Metal wall décor will look wonderful and help you create a rich ambiance in your cozy home. The decorative elements, ornamental themes, rich colors (orange, green, blue), and strong stainless steel in gold tone are this innovative metal wall art's most distinguishing aspects.

Additionally, the glittering golden design is made of stainless steel, while the other components are constructed of gold-coated, rust-proof iron. It will look great in the kitchen, living room, hallway, or reading nook.

Product Details:

Material: Stainless Steel, Iron
Overall Dimension: Size Option: 58cmH/ 150cmW/ 4cmDepth
Size Option: 68cmH/ 180cmW/ 4cmDepth

Shop Now: Modern Round Geometric Décor

3. Modern 3D Artistic Figure 

Men figure sculpture wall decor

Give your home or office a luxury, quality, and unique symbolic addition by decorating any background wall with this figure décor. It is crafted from iron and thoughtfully sculptured to be a stunning artwork that gives an impressive makeover to your background wall.

This 3D wall décor features a man, two men, or three men depending on the variant you choose. The men's figure depicts the human expression of reflection. It is a reminder that many a time, we get to reflect on our life choices to be better. The figures are placed atop a black sculptured circle, which acts like a small stage for their performance. 

Product Details:

Material: Metal, Resin
Overall Dimension: As Shown In the Image on Our Website

Shop Now: Modern 3D Artistic Figure

4. Modern Gold Metal Ginkgo Leaves

Gold wall decor

Give your wall a willowy feel, a botanical touch, and a breathtaking visual experience. It is crafted with premium metal that has a fine Gold finish. This Ginkgo leaves metal wall accent will enhance the interior décor of your house with its overall shape and vibrant color scheme. It aso has a three-dimensional stacking, rich layers, firm and attractive shape, and simple and elegant design.

Also, its five-leaf design and metallic gold finish add a gorgeous natural charm to any wall and it is all welded together to enable simple installation.  It will make your room elegant with its unique artistic sense. It can be used in the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, entryway, and more.

Product Details: 

Material: Metal
Overall Dimension: 110cmH/ 55cmW / 5cmDepth

Shop Now: Modern Gold Metal Ginkgo Leaves 

5. Abstract 3D irregular Metal Décor

3D wall accent

Make your home's walls less boring by adding this Abstract 3D Irregular wall décor. Making this addition will enhance the beauty of your home. This Motif metal art will make a statement piece on any wall. Thanks to its black and gold color, it will fit into any home décor and make it even more elegant. 

This Abstract 3D wall accent is made of iron and was hand-forged, giving it a long lifespan and a sturdy appearance. It perfectly complements your room's originality, attractiveness, and perfection. It is ideal for your bedroom, dining room, living room, hallway, or restaurant.

Product Details:

Material: Metal
Overall Dimension: 80cmW x 75cmH

Shop Now: Abstract 3D Irregular Metal Décor  

6. Round Woven Overlapping Wall Décor

Woven Rattan, wood and bamboo wall decor

Top off any empty walls with this Round Woven Overlapping wall décor charm. Thanks to its Wabi-Sabi-inspired style, it gives the room a sense of personality, that is, humility, simplicity, nature, and acceptance of imperfection. 

This wall decoration is made of wood, iron, bamboo, and rattan and has nine little and big circles placed in a dynamic design with alternate texturing for a three-dimensional feel. This Woven wall décor adds a geometric touch and pastoral look to the room with its circular design and natural color. It is ideal for your entryway, hallway, bedroom, or office.

Product Details: 

Material: Wood, Iron, Bamboo, Rattan
Overall Dimension: 59cmH x 135cmW

Shop Now: Round Woven Overlapping Wall Décor  

7. Resin Flocking Birds 

Flocking bed wall decor

Add a willowy, fancy appearance to your room with this Resin Flocking Birds bedroom wall accent idea. It is made of resin and has a luxurious finish, taking the form of stylized birds flying in a flock. It can serve as the area's focal point or mix in seamlessly with already-installed wall elements. Also, it can be easily hung up thanks to glue on the back.

These beautifully made Flocking Birds décor will enliven your space and grab everyone's attention. This beautiful 3D flying Birds wall décor is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, hotels, clubs, restaurants, and other wall decorations. It will enhance and beautify any space to suit your mood.

Product Details: 

Material: Resin
Overall Dimension: As Seen In the Image on Our Website

Shop Now: Resin Flocking Birds 

8. Luxury Creative Metal Stones

Metal stones wall accent

Give your room a more creative and elegant appeal with this Creative Metal Stone Wall décor. It is sure to draw the eyes toward its willowy and fancy precious look and gives your room a modern appearance. This wall accent features a metallic stone-shaped motif, crafted with high-quality metal and exquisite craftsmanship.

These creatively framed metal stones are ideal for your living room, entryway, or sunroom. You can hang it in a horizontal or vertical direction to create the ideal effect for your home design needs. Get your wall noticed in the best possible way with the aid of this stunning wall art. 

Product Details: 

Material: Metal
Overall Dimension: 64.8cmH x 135cmW

Shop Now: Luxury Creative Metal Stones 

9. Industrial 3 Pieces Climbing Men

men figure sculpture wall art

Give your background wall an impressive makeover with these 3 Pieces of Climbing Men. It is a luxury, quality, and unique symbolic addition to your home or office. This Innovative sculpture gives the impression that the men are climbing the wall on which they are mounted.

Made from durable resin, this décor is an amazing conversation starter that looks great individually or as a group. Crafted from iron, this wall décor is a unique and stylish iron artwork that depicts an underlying meaning depending on individual interpretation. Certainly, one can preserve the eye-catching quality of this stunning fixture in one's mind.

Product Details:

Material: Resin
Dimension: As Seen In the Image on Our Website

Shop Now: Industrial 3 pieces Climbing Men

10. Modern Black Multi-color Lines

Multi-color line wall decor

With this Black metal multi-color lines décor, you can transform your wall into a breathtaking view. This modern metal wall décor is an intriguing and eye-catching addition to any contemporary-inspired décor. It is crafted from metal for durability and shaped with a 3D construction to make it a statement piece. It gives a striking appearance with these unique geometry metal panels.

Also, this décor provides a more creative charm to your space and helps you achieve that modern look. It is a great solution to your bare wall issues and delightful addition to your Wall Arts. Give your entryway, living room, bedroom, or office. 

Product Details:

Material: Iron
Overall Dimension: 62cmH x 150cmW x1.4cmDepth

Shop Now: Modern Black Multi-Color Lines  

11. Modern 3D World Map

world map wall decor

With this Modern 3D metal world map wall art, embrace an artistic interpretation of the world and add a touch of luxury and elegance to your living space. Explore the world without having to spend a lot of money. Also, with advanced Laser cutting technology, it is made of high-quality metal with exquisite craftsmanship. The metal is coated in a fine Gold finish and is corrosion resistant.

The map is a great blend of nature and city.  it depicts the shape of continents with metal sheets and then overlaps each other to create a full artistic atmosphere that is gorgeous and amazing. This unique 3D world map wall accent is a luxury piece for your Home, Mansion, Loft, or Office.

Product Detail:

Material: Metal
Dimension: 70cmH x 120cmW x 7cmDepth

Shop Now: Modern 3D World Map

12. 3D Hollow-out Ginkgo Leaves

3D wall accent

Liven up your empty wall space with this 3D Hollow-out Ginkgo leaves décor. This Gold & Gray ginkgo wall art is made of quality metal material, crafted with laser cutting technology, and coated with Gold layer rust proofing. It is not easy to break or fade. It is crafted as gorgeous ginkgo leaves art piece that is surrounded by a sophisticated golden outer frame.

This leaf décor has an outstanding and luxurious outlook which will provide an amazing landscape for your wall. It is suitable for decorating your bedroom, living room, study, office, hall, hotel, restaurant, exhibition hall, and so on.

Product Details:

Material: Metal
Overall Dimension: 67cmH x 110cmW

Shop Now: 3D Hollow-out Ginkgo Leaves

13. 2Pieces Luxury Geometric Rectangle


Shiny rectangle wall decor

Improve your home ensemble with this 2 Pieces Geometric Rectangle wall décor. This wall art can transform any plain wall into a captivating sight. It is made of metal and features a classic mix of gold and silver which is ideal for giving your room a modern feel.

Whether hung horizontally or vertically, this 2Piece décor produces a warm and cool look infused with elegance. You can hang this geometric piece of wall art on the wall of any bedroom, living room, dining room, or restaurant.

Product Details: 

Material: Metal
Overall Dimension: 102cmH x32cmW

Shop Now: 2Pieces Luxury Geometric Rectangle

14. Modern Geometric Circles Motif

Circle motif wall decor

With this Geometric Circles Motif, you may enhance the look of your home with a symbol of peace and harmony. The four circles that make up this wall accent stand for the family's unity and bond. The Hand-welded environmental protection iron art has a glossy, smooth finish. It is odorless, durable, and made with eco-friendly paint.

This is an eye-catching piece of art that promotes good family relationships. It's big enough to stand alone and make a statement in the room. This wall décor fits perfectly in your living room, dining room, or hallway.

Product Details:

Material: Metal
Overall Dimension: 76cmH x 108cmW x 4cmDepth

Shop Now: Modern Geometric Circles Motif

15. Modern Light Luxury Hollowed Leaves

Metal Hollowed leaves wall accent

Transform your plain wall décor into something spectacular with this light luxury Hollowed Leaves wall art. Made out of textured iron and finished with luminescent gold, these hollowed leaves are assembled with a Golden frame that makes it a modern piece of wall art that shines.

Hanging this modern hollowed leaves metal wall décor on your home wall can bring some colors to the well-crafted interior design. Not only is it a good-looking wall art but also it has long-lasting usage. It is great for any room at home, work office, Hotel, Bar, or Square.

Product Details:

Material: Metal
Overall Dimension: 90cmW x 60cmH

Shop Now: Modern Light Luxury Hollowed Leaves

In Conclusion

Elevate an accent wall by opting for texture rather than just paint or wallpaper. Wall accents add texture, dimension, and feel to your home. Certainly, It is a far better option for transforming your dull wall and making it stunning and vibrant.

Whether you are looking to decorate your wall or add a different element to your décor accessories, you can rest assured that our recommended wall accent décor is the best to give your home that extraordinary appeal. 

Check out our Wall Accents collections at CharmyDecor for more wall accent designs and ideas.

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