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Top 10 colorful pendant lights that suit every style

Add color to your home with a playful selection of colorful pendant lights. Vibrant yellows, electric blues, and multicolor textures will transform any space, making them bright, lively, and unique.

Pendant lights can brighten up your kitchen, illuminate your nightstand, and add ambiance to your bedroom. If you need to hang one somewhere else, rest assured knowing there’s probably a pendant light up to the task. 

Colorful pendant lights pack a lot of visual appeals. Often the centerpiece of a space, they are keys to setting the mood both in terms of lighting and design. Fortunately, there’s a style for every room. Whether you’re craving a high-impact statement piece or something more modest and refined, options abound. 

These colored pendant lights are quickly becoming fascinating pieces of art. They appear to bring with them beautiful shade and contemporary style, in addition to ample illumination. With an amazing array of pendant light designs now on offer, the lighting beneath your ceilings need not look dull anymore. When natural ventilation takes over, pendant lights still seem to retain their enigmatic charm.

Additionally, using contemporary glass designs for your pendant lights can transform your room with the most exuberant and dramatic of statements. Alternatively, you can choose fittings that glow discreetly with understated style. So whether you’re looking for a single pendant lamp as a centerpiece, or multiples to hang in rows or clusters, you have an abundance of exciting and beautiful multi-colored pendant lights to choose from. 

The array of beautiful and colorful pendant lights never ends. The world of modern pendant lighting focuses on form, style, and ways to stand out and the designs range from extremely simple to very complex. 

Here are our Top 10 colorful pendant lights to fill your home with color, light, and beauty.

Our Top Picks

  • Colorful Dome Pendant Light
  • Colored Glass Globe Pendant Light
  • Multi colored Flower Pendant Light
  • Ceramic Multi Color Pendant Light
  • Colorful Glass Balloon Pendant Light
  • Bronze Glass Pendant Light
  • Tiffany Colorful Glass Pendant Light
  • Tassel Yellow Pendant Light
  • Gold Tornado Pendant Light
  • Floral Glass Colorful Pendant Light 


1. Colorful Dome Pendant Light

Colorful Dome Pendant Light

This Colorful Dome Pendant Light brings fashion and warmth to your life. The semi-circle dome shade makes this pendant lighting feel balanced and will beautifully illuminate in a chic and modern style. 

Suitable for use in both residential and commercial applications, and nice as an office pantry lighting, office reception lighting as well. This sleek pendant design complements all types of home styles, from modern-industrial to art deco.

Hang one in a cozy reading nook, or above a desk, vanity, or small table. Evoking warmth and ambiance, this contemporary-inspired pendant light adds warmth and color to any decor, never out of style!

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2. Colored Glass Globe Light

Colored Glass Globe Pendant Light

This Colored Glass Globe Light is a good adornment in any indoor decoration, which will brighten up your house. Mainly made of metal, glass and, stainless steel, this pendant lamp is available in lampshade colors of Blue, Smoky grey and, Amber. Beautiful as their names, when the light shines through the colors of the lampshades, it makes these simple balls outstanding and alluring.

With the black plate on the connection between the lampshade and the wire, it is more stereoscopic. This elegant and chic pendant lamp is suitable for any place. You can hang it over the bedside table or in the corridor. 

Due to its colors and folds, this colored glass pendant light has a unique glass lampshade that makes it look like a gem. With the light, it's like a dazzling diamond. Available in 3 muted colors these rippled glass glove pendant lights cast a soft rippled light with a touch of color.

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3. Multi colored Flower Pendant Light

Multi colored Flower Pendant Light

Combining sleek lines and vintage-inspired pieces, this multi colored flower pendant light adds a touch of personality to any entrance, restaurant, kitchen, or home, requiring light and extra features.

The flower lights have an exquisite design that combines different styles of petals. These petals are made of high-quality stained glass that is wrapped by copper rims that add strength and durability to the lampshade.

This flower lamp not only lights up but gives a contemporary look to any room. It serves as a colorful adornment to your room while also expressing a love for nature and life.

When you turn on the light at night, you'll see a lot of petal shadows on your wall. It’s an amazing home decor no matter where you place it.

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4. Ceramic Multi Color Pendant Light

Ceramic Multi Color Pendant Light

This gorgeous ceramic colorful pendant light is the perfect combination of modern and retro bringing a warm design to any space. Its intricate design allows for partial light penetration throughout the lampshade and makes for a mesmerizing feature on its own or paired with other colors. 

Taking inspiration from modern designs while adding a touch of chic style, this versatile pendant is a welcome addition to coastal, contemporary, and industrial arrangements alike. The pendant light is well built and very solid, made of premium quality materials and a baking paint finish, the materials are anti-rust and won't fade.

This Ceramic Pendant Light is romantic and youthful, with its gorgeous design of blossoming flowers on the lampshade. The loving pendant lamp will create a cozy atmosphere in any space and also make the perfect decor for your living room, bathroom, and bedroom.

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5. Colorful Glass Balloon Pendant Light

Colorful Glass Balloon Pendant Light

Beautiful and versatile, this colorful and charming pendant light showcases a flower-shaped silhouette and boasts a colorful tone that will meet well with any home decor.

Like a bouquet of balloons, this whimsical glass pendant casts a mesmerizing glow from above with its mix of shapes and finishes. Featuring the flower contour with the round shades, it gives a visually interesting element to the ensemble, the four glass shades diffuse light to create a warm, restful vibe. The vibrant color of the shades pairs beautifully with a shiny gold finish on the frame to bring a refined accent to your decor.

Simple and smooth, warm and lovely, this colorful pendant light is a perfect decoration for your home, for you and your family to create a harmonious and happy warm atmosphere.

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6. Bronze Glass Pendant Light

Bronze Glass Pendant Light

The Bronze Glass Pendant Light is a one-of-a-kind design, fashioned from solid brass sheets which are pressed, spun, and brazed. The light emitted by a concealed halogen bulb is reflected and softened by the double walls. These fascinating lighting objects are hand polished to create a mirrored surface, which is then lacquered to maintain a high gloss finish.

Using a complex process of pressing, spinning, and brazing solid sheets of brass, copper, or stainless steel, these pendants' high gloss finish manages to create both a mirrored and translucent finish. This pendant is light, delicate, and cute thanks to the three finishes. 

We love the unusual shape of this colorful pendant light collection, and the three beautiful finishes it comes in. If you’re looking to add the wow factor to your space, this is perfect.

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7. Tiffany Colorful Glass Pendant Light

Tiffany Colorful Glass Pendant Light

The Tiffany Colorful Glass Pendant Light is designed in the popular Tiffany style and it’s a hanging light that is particularly suitable for complementing classic living styles. The shade is composed of many beautiful, small glass mosaic elements, which together create a pretty pattern in colorful tones. 

The brownish frame has a chain suspension and an attractive antique finish. Naturally, this creates a pleasant, cozy light that can be used to illuminate a coffee table as well as for atmospheric lighting of dining areas in the kitchen and dining room. 

The glass pieces can fulfill the room with the bright light by reflecting the light source. This colorful lamp is a very good choice for home decoration!

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8. Tassel Yellow Pendant Light

assel Yellow Pendant Light

With tiers of soft tassels and fringes in a cheerful tone, these Multi color Tassel Pendant Lights radiates chic boho style and add a welcoming vibe to your home. Its elegance is enhanced by a round complex band in a gold finish, creating a mesmerizing display. 

This lamp is constructed to create warm, cozy lighting through fringes that conceal the light source beautifully. Polished brass is combined with tactile fringes, which fall elegantly in several layers from the sophisticated brass border like a flowing skirt. This exclusive pendant lamp will charm any room in the home with its soft light and graceful appearance. 

Stunning and versatile, this fixture will be a perfect addition and a beautiful piece for the bedroom, living room, kid's room, and more. Perfect for any minimalist looking for something special to compliment any room.

Learn more: Tassel Yellow Pendant Light

9. Gold Tornado Pendant Light

Gold Tornado Pendant Light

The Gold Tornado Pendant Light is ready to make a bold yet humble design statement in any room. This glam lamp, which features multiple gold rings as its eye-catching color, gives off a luxurious glow. Featuring a mirror gold finish, this space-filling chandelier creates a dramatic feature in any staircase, lobby, atriums, or high-ceiling environment.

Also, its design resembles multiple golden rings revolving around a central rod, caught in a moment of suspended animation. It's a gorgeous piece made entirely of glossy gold-finished metal. Also, the ample light it delivers will be useful for tasks and also for creating a glamorous ambiance.

Stunning to behold, this pendant light is ideal for living rooms, dining areas, lounges, and more! It would also be a perfect addition to any space looking for a statement light.

Learn more: Gold Tornado Pendant Light

10. Floral Glass Colorful Pendant Light

Floral Glass Colorful Pendant Light

This gorgeous Illuminating floral lamp features a colorful glass in a shiny finish. This Nordic pendant lamp creates a lovely focal point in your living room while also providing maximum light coverage.

This modern pendant lamp combines a Nordic and Minimalistic style, making it the ideal home decor for your kitchen island, dining room, living room, workplace, and other areas, greatly improving the aesthetics of the space.

This hanging Swag pendant light is also designed with an in-line dimmer switch, the dimming switch is near the plug-in end. This allows maximum flexibility for the placement of the dimmer where you need it. Adjustable brightness also allows you to create different ambiances that you desire. It is very elegant adding warm and soft lighting effects to your room.

Learn more: Floral Glass Colorful Pendant Light


In Summary

Colorful pendant lights are an interesting and fun way to add a bit of color to your home. Versatile and enlivening, these colorful light fixtures illuminate your space and provide a distinctive, unique style.

Pendant lights are available in many shapes, colors, and sizes, as well as a wide range of styles from rustic pendants lights to sleek and modern ones. Pendant lighting is a great way to enhance the personality of any room.

Whether your decor calls for industrial pendant lighting, traditional designs, contemporary pendant lighting, or a transitional blend of old and new, we have a variety of pendants to suit your needs.

Looking for more? Browse chandeliersflush & semi-flush lights, and fan lights.


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