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Timeless, Iconic Lighting That Never Goes Out of Style

Firstly, using Iconic lights is one of the ways to decorate a home; good lighting has the power to transform a room. Some lighting design styles last a lifetime, while others come and go according to changes in trends.

Secondly, Iconic lights are lighting designs that never go out of style; they stay effortlessly stylish even as the world around them changes. These iconic lights are attractive and functional and offer a straightforward, elegant solution to a persistent issue.

Furthermore, Timeless lights cut across wide varieties from chandeliers, pendant lights, floor lamps, table lamps, and desk lamps. No one likes being in the dark, even though some spaces may demand more lighting than others.

Also, If you have a room that doesn't get much natural light, choosing a lamp or lighting fixture that can adequately illuminate the area is the right step to take; iconic lights can provide the adequate illumination the room needs.

Choosing Iconic Lights

When choosing lights for your home, go for timeless light fixtures that won't be influenced by what's in style right now while selecting the appropriate ones for your home. In addition, include lamps in your living area to give it a roomier, cozier, and welcoming feel.

In essence, to make these iconic lights stand out, put them on your lovely coffee table or over a piece of art. An iconic light design that never seems to go out of style is a chandelier. Chandeliers have likely become more common in hallways, dining rooms, and even walk-in closets recently due to their adaptability. They introduced it as a classy, striking accent that gives the room a unique and beautiful feel while practically lighting it up.

Below are the 11 iconic lights that will never go out of style that we have curated for you; scroll through these designer lights to get familiar with them for future purchases. Check out this article for more information. 

11 Iconic Lights That Will Never Go Out of Style

  • PH 5 Pendant Light
  • Arco Floor Lamp
  • Sputnik-Inspired Oval Starburst Chandelier in Brass
  • Modern Creative Bubble Pendant Lamp
  • 1227 Task Lamp
  • Creative Serge Mouille Floor Lamp
  • Modern Ring-In-Ring Classic Pendant Light
  • Contemporary Style Turner Table Lamp
  • Creative Atollo Glass Table Lamp
  • Modern Creative Grasshopper Floor Lamp
  • Contemporary Branching Bubble Chandelier Lamp

1. PH 5 Pendant Light  

Iconic lights

The PH 5 pendant light was developed by designer Poul Henningsen in 1958; the unique design is still manufactured today.

This iconic light fixture provides 100% glare-free light due to the design based on the principle of a reflective three-shade system that directs most of the light downward. The timeless light fixture emits both downward and lateral light, thus illuminating itself.

The PH 5 pendant light continues to elevate even the most modern interiors in a wide range of colors today. Therefore, The iconic lamp is in good condition with light signs of wear.


  • Small: 30x30x16cm 
  • Medium: 40x40x22cm 
  • Large: 50x50x28cm

Material: Spun aluminum

Colors: White classic, White modern, Hues of blue, Hues of grey, Hues of orange, Hues of red, Hues of rose, Hues of green

Shop Now: PH 5 Pendant Light

2. Arco Floor Lamp


Iconic lights

Arco Floor Lamp with Marble Base is a minimal and timeless floor lamp designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni: A design icon that has been in production since its debut in 1962.

The timeless light floor lamp's base supports a spun aluminum reflector via a curved stainless steel adjustable stem, allowing the lamp to offer both direct and indirect light.

Furthermore, Arco Floor Lamp with Marble Base is a classic extendable floor lamp with a solid white Carrara marble base and a telescopic arc in a brushed stainless steel square tubed finish with a steel adjustable lamp shade.

This floor lamp can retract/extend; height and depth are variable, and this iconic light is of high-quality construction throughout.

In addition, The floor lamp height extends from the marble base to almost 7 feet, allowing for easy placement of a couch or table underneath.


  • Small: H210 x W180 
  • Large: H240 x W215


Carrara marble base

Stainless steel arc 

Spun aluminum shade

Shop Now: Arco Floor Lamp 

3. Sputnik-Inspired Oval Starburst Chandelier in Brass

Iconic lights

Firstly, he Sputnik-Inspired Oval Starburst Chandelier: is made of hand-blown glass shades that are LED-lit. The iconic light fixture pays homage to an organic midcentury modern style that emanates unpretentious sophistication.

Each timeless light shade replaces a regular bulb and emits an impressive amount of light when it opens.

Furthermore, This Sputnik-Inspired Oval Starburst Chandelier is similar to the 'sputnik' light from the mid-century; the charming beauty of blown glass shades in an oval form that's perfect for kitchen and dining areas.

The oval starburst design hints at a rustic aesthetic that exudes unassuming refinement. Each shade: is a replacement for a standard light bulb and, when opened, produces brilliant illumination.

The final appearance of the iconic light is unhurried, gentle, and distinctive. It is, used for decorative purposes.


  • Small: 80cm x 45cm x 120cm 
  • Large: 100cm x 50cm x 120cm

Shade Color: Optic Ribbed Gold

Shop Now: Sputnik-Inspired Oval Starburst Chandelier in Brass

4. Modern Creative Bubble Pendant Lamp

Iconic lightsThe Modern Creative Bubble Pendant Lamp gives you options for illuminating your entire home with beautiful, sculptural pendant light. Due to the fact that the pendant light sculptural wire frame is spray-coated with a translucent plastic polymer—the self-webbing plastic.

As a result, the Modern Creative Bubble Pendant Lamp emits an amber glow punctuated by the harmonious registers of wire ribbing. In essence, it is not OK for Outdoor use; Dimmer Not Included; Field-adjustable white suspension cord; Translucent plastic polymer shade with visible steel infrastructure; Designed by George Nelson in 1952.

Lighting Style: Soft/Diffused/Ambient

Finish: White with Brushed Nickel Trim

Material: Soft plastic shade, sprayed and spun around a steel wire frame


  • Saucer Bubble Pendant: 21cm x 51cm 
  • Ball Bubble Pendant: 31cm x 27cm 
  • Cigar Bubble Pendant: 55cm x 25cm

Shop Now: Modern Creative Bubble Pendant Lamp

5. 1227 Task Lamp

Iconic lights

The Creative 1227 Task Lamp, introduced in 1935 and generally regarded as the model Anglepoise, invented our constant tension spring technology to provide the utmost flexibility and ideal balance.

This time-tested classic has achieved legendary design status today. This vintage Creative 1227 Task Lamp has stood the test of time and is still relevant today, boasting various unique features.

Furthermore, with its iconic status, unforgettable profile, and unique Anglepoise constant spring technology to deliver ultimate flexibility, the lamp would make the perfect desk lamp for home, office, or study. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee.


Gloss Paint Finish Aluminum

Chrome Plated Fittings

Cast Iron Base with Steel Cover


  • Shade Diameter: 5.5"
  • Shade Height: 6.3"
  • Base Size: 5.9" x 5.9"

Shop Now: Creative 1227 Task Lamp - Desk Lamp

6. Creative Serge Mouille Floor Lamp

Iconic lights

Firstly, Creative Serge Mouille Floor Lamp was one of the first designed by a famous lighting designer from France back in the early 1950s.

Secondly, The Creative Serge Mouille Floor Lamp is a floor lamp with one or three arm styles and a triangular base. As a result, the design has a versatile and attractive finish.

Furthermore, for increased flexibility, lamp shades can tilt and swivel. White lines are inside the shade. The lamps are available in black with brass fittings.

It has a sculpture-like appearance; therefore, it stands majestically on a tripod base with tapered legs.

Material: Aluminum, Brass, and Carbon Steel

Fitting Color: Matte Black

Dimension: D 80cm x H 180cm

Shade Color: Matte Black Exterior White Interior

Shop Now: Creative Serge Mouille Floor Lamp

7. Modern Ring-In-Ring Classic Pendant Light

Iconic lights

Firstly, Modern Ring-In-Ring Classic Pendant Light has twin rings that go hand in hand, and cannot be separated from each other, just like our beloved ones, never separate. This contemporary design can bring a feel of minimalism to any space.

This Modern Ring-In-Ring Classic Pendant Light will hang elegantly over your kitchen or dining area. It features an abstract iron frame for sturdiness; as a result, this Ring-In-Ring Pendant light fixture has a gold finish for a bold and sophisticated form.

Furthermore, This lovely Ring-In-Ring Classic Pendant light fixture casts multi-directional illumination to brighten up a specific area.

Style: Modern & Contemporary

Material: Metal

Color: Gold

Shop Now: Modern Ring-In-Ring Classic Pendant Light

8. Contemporary Style Turner Table Lamp

Iconic lights

The Contemporary Style Turner Table Lamp: inspired by the exhilarating and memorable dance steps of the iconic pop singer. Turner is a large table lamp handmade from metals.

To prevent the user from experiencing uncomfortable glazing, as a result, the interior cover of the Turner table lamp has a gold powder coating, and the exterior has a matte paint finish.

In essence, this table lamp is entertaining and lets you put together the ideal arrangement to complement your contemporary home decor, thanks to its five moveable arcs, which can be adjustable to the desired position.

This Contemporary Style Turner Table Lamp is a versatile part that can be used in almost any room in a house and works best when placed in a modern home office or Art Deco living room.

Product Material: Metal 

Installation: Table mounted 


  • Height: 60cm 
  • Dia: 30cm

Shop Now: Contemporary Style Turner Table Lamp

9. Creative Atollo Glass Table Lamp


Iconic lights

Creative Atollo Glass Table Lamp is a unique design made of thick metal, nano metal baking varnish, solid and thick: as a result, durable, stable, strong; smooth surface and easy to clean. Due to the stylish and modern design, the creative table lamp fits any style or color scheme of your decor and will be a perfect choice for ambient lighting.

The diffusing lampshade helps soften the light, as a result, cultivates a cozy and comfortable environment. The warm white led bulb we include, however, is pleasant on the eyes with flicker-free lighting, prevents the feeling of dizziness, and no more visual fatigue.

The high-quality light bead also extends the lifetime of the glass table lamp and creates a comfortable atmosphere in your bedroom, living room, or office.

Creative Atollo Glass Table Lamp, however, is the perfect combination of creativity and process of innovation, creating the best atmosphere. The lamp makes your space more attractive and makes you feel warm and cozy all day.


Opaline glass or lacquered aluminum diffuser 

Opaline glass base

Powder-coated metal stem 

Plastic-coated metal baseplate

Shop Now: Creative Atollo Glass Table Lamp

10. Modern Creative Grasshopper Floor Lamp

Iconic lights

The iconic Modern Creative Grasshopper Floor Lamp; was designed by Greta Grossman; first produced in 1947.

The extended aluminum conical shade is ball-jointed onto the arm of the tubular steel tripod support, which is slanted backward to allow for directional lighting while reducing glare. The shade and stand have a powder coating.

Furthermore, The elongated frame and grace of its namesake; served as the inspiration for the Modern Creative Grasshopper Floor Lamp.

The angled stand and tripod legs of the Grasshopper Floor Lamp create a beautiful form; unique enough to anchor a room.

However, the iconic light's powder-coated steel shade is long and can be adjusted to change the direction of light as needed.


Powder-coated steel frame and shade 

Solid brass hardware

Fabric-covered cord

Dimension: 43.5*125.5cm

Color: White, Black, Yellow, Andorra Red

Shop Now: Modern Creative Grasshopper Floor Lamp

11. Contemporary Branching Bubble Chandelier Lamp

Iconic lights

Firstly, the Contemporary Branching Bubble Chandelier Lamp has a classic structure and a creative glass shade that makes it as chic and elegant as a work of art, and the minimal yet artistic shape of the iconic light gives it a good look.

Furthermore, the soft light emitted by each bulb of the timeless light can effectively optimize the light in the room, create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, and give you a different lighting experience. The Contemporary Branching Bubble Chandelier Lamp is ingenious and elegant, made of metal and glass.

The Branching bubble chandelier consists of several rods and shades in molecular form. The connection between the two rods of this timeless light can rotate: so this chandelier may vary across many models.

However, this iconic light is available in 3 sizes, the metal bars come in 2 finishes, black and gold, and the glass comes in gradient blue. This unique modern chandelier iconic light is suitable to be placed in a decorative space.

Material: Aluminium/ Glass/ Metal

Weight: 3 kg/ 6.6 lbs

Finishes: Gold/ Black

Glass lampshade: Gradient-Blue

Shop Now: Contemporary Branching Bubble Chandelier Lamp


These products are the most famous designer iconic lights that have been around for a long time and have not been out of style ever since. These iconic lights are unique, the quality is good, and choosing these timeless lights will be the best decision to remain trendy all season when lighting up your home. Visit our lighting collection to see more of our lighting products.

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