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The Best Vintage Furniture for a Beautiful Home

Vintage furniture is a timeless addition to the home. The word vintage literally means "of age", i.e. anything that's at least 20 years old. If a piece of furniture is at least 20 years old, but has been restored, it can also be considered vintage. And, as people are spending longer periods in their homes, many are seeking to add character with statement pieces from the past.

One of the best ways to give your home space more character is to design it with a vintage-inspired flair in mind. Sure, contemporary furniture can complete your house with a more modern touch — but a truly great piece of antique-looking furniture or decor can warm up even the most minimalist room, all while incorporating a more charming, nostalgic essence.

The beauty of vintage furniture is that they never go out of style—they always finds their way back to relevancy when they are rediscovered. Vintage furniture also adds a sense of gravitas and history to your living space.

With a growth in popularity, vintage and antique items are making a comeback. So there’s no better time to buy some staple vintage furnishings. Going “vintage” may become one of the top decor trends for 2023 and beyond, as it blends perfectly with today’s quest for a more sustainable lifestyle.

For your shopping convenience, we went ahead and rounded up a few of the best vintage-inspired furniture available right now. Whether you're in the market for a statement-making sofa or you're hoping to splurge on one of those regal wall shelves, designing the ethereal and antique space of your dreams is only a click away. Read on to browse our picks!

12 Best Vintage Furniture for Your Home

These Vintage-Inspired Home-Decor Pieces Will Give Your Home Some Serious Character.

1. Multicolor Manchurian Chair

Multicolor Manchurian Chair

    This Vintage Multicolor Manchurian Lounge Chair can be used in different settings; including bedrooms, living rooms, waiting rooms, halls, and reception areas. The red-finished lounge chair has a wide backrest and provides a wing-backed chair that satisfies the mid-century modern atmosphere. Achieving its floating lightness from the wing-light seat and arching curves of its tapered legs.

    Though it only has three legs, it is incredibly stable, with the legs being constructed out of a continuous piece of Manchurian ash wood. With the padded cushions coupled with a colorful pattern fabric retro design, this Vintage Multicolor Manchurian Lounge Chair will be the most eye-catching decoration in your living room, bedroom, or lounge.

    Show Details: Multicolor Manchurian Chair

    2. Bronx Footstool

    Bronx Footstool

      If you’re looking for seating that offers style and comfort with arresting design and lasting quality then you should look no further than this Vintage Bronx Footstool. Comprising style and simplicity, the metal sled legs create an on-trend, industrial look.

      The footstool also has thin, gunmetal-colored legs and a range of colors available for the top. Practical and beautiful in its own right, this footstool will enhance your living room experience when entertaining or relaxing at home. Sit back and relax with our fashionable Bronx footstool.

      Show Details: Bronx Footstool

      3. Vintage Painted Sideboard Buffet

      Vintage Painted Sideboard Buffet

        This vintage-painted sideboard easily manages to look both natural and glamorous at the same time. The sturdy body made of manufactured wood and the hand-painted decorations on the glass doors radiate jungle vibes, while the black metal frame and the golden handles and feet provide just the right amount of elegance.

        Not everyone has such a beautiful vintage-inspired sideboard in their living room - so it's only appropriate to decorate this treasure with plants and ornamental objects as eye-catchers.

        Show Details: Vintage Painted Sideboard Buffet

        4. Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

        Eames Lounge Chair

          The Eames Lounge Chair, undoubtedly one of the most famous chairs in American design, is a staple of mid-century modern furniture. This elegant chair was designed by a couple, Charles and Ray Eames, in 1956 and remains favorable until now. Similar to the eclectic mid-century style characterized by the use of various materials, Eames Lounge Chair is encased in a combination of Plywood and leather.

          This chair appeals to those who enjoy all things vintage or mid-century modern. The Eames chair is typically paired with an ottoman in a living area and is a great chair to kick off your shoes and relax in. We like to think of it as the perfect lounging chair.

          Show Details: Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

          5. Eames LCW Chair

          Eames LCW Chair

            Simple, comfortable, and effortlessly elegant, the Eames LCW Chair with Wood Base is a study in graceful balance and form. Honored by Time magazine as the Best Design of the 20th Century, this molded plywood chair began as an experiment, created via a machine that molded plywood with the help of heat and a bicycle pump. Today, the low-slung chair features an expertly crafted molded seat and back that cradles you in comfort.

            To echo the editors of Time, the Eames molded plywood lounge chair is "something elegant, light, and comfortable. Low-slung, and with an expertly crafted molded seat and back (no more bike pumps needed), the Eames LCW Chair cradles you in a comfortable position." This timeless wood lounge chair is sure to make a style statement.

            Show Details: Eames LCW Chair

            6. Boat Shaped Wine Rack and Bookshelf

            Boat Shaped Wine Rack and Bookshelf

              Maybe not water worthy, but this exotic piece is definitely worthy of your wines, your favorite reads, and other treasures reflecting your outdoor lifestyle. Made of natural basswood, and coated with environmental-friendly paint, this furniture is sleek and delicate. The construction of the boat-shaped rack also includes a shelf and storage room with a cabinet door for storing things out of sight.

              The special boat-shaped wine rack serves as a practical and perfect decoration for any space in your home as well. Moreover, the light wood tone gives it a modern feel and it also goes best with light and airy decor. It is also elaborately designed to perfectly fit a corner of your room without taking up much of your space. Picking a gift for any wine lover in your life, you know exactly the answer at the first sight!

              Show Details: Boat Shaped Wine Rack and Bookshelf

              7. La Mamma Lounge Chair

              La Mamma Lounge Chair

                This La Mamma Lounge Chair is one of the most outstanding expressions of design with its expressive shapes. The armchair represents an icon of modernity, a metaphor for the female figure that is endowed with a comfortable womb and yet a prisoner. It serves as a funny children's sofa that accompanies a happy childhood.

                This pop-culture furniture piece also expresses all the unabashed energy of the Sixties; as well as new technology and a provoking philosophy on women's conditions. The La Mamma Lounge Chair, a timeless icon of Italian design, is still full of all that special energy of 40 years ago.

                Show Details: La Mamma Lounge Chair

                8. Triangle Antique Corner Cabinet

                Triangle Antique Corner Cabinet

                  The triangle cabinet was created for both functionality and an impeccable design; the furniture brings a vintage atmosphere to any space with delicately carved patterns. The outer surface is also gracefully adorned with intricate scrollwork and flowers, creating a classic look and adding a vintage, rustic appeal to it.

                  The Triangle Antique Corner Cabinet top is ideal for supporting decorations or items you need to access often, while the drawers and doors accommodate a wide range of storage needs. Plus, four rounded feet provide additional stability and character. Fight against clutter while maintaining ample floor space in your home with this triangle corner cabinet.

                  Show Details: Triangle Antique Corner Cabinet

                  9. Vintage-Styled Display Shoe Rack

                  Vintage-Styled Display Shoe Rack

                    With the classy and elegant floral decorative patterns on the door surface, this Vintage-Styled Display Shoe Rack adorns your living space greatly with its exquisite vibe, and also adds a touch of American country style to your living space.

                    A perfect blend of distressed green and white, it adds a touch of classic and timeless charm to any decor. Boasting 2/3 large doors and two drawers, it offers ample storage space to store footwear. It is a must-buy for classic decor!

                    Show Details: Vintage-Styled Display Shoe Rack

                    10. Black Rattan Woven Nightstand

                    Black Rattan Woven Nightstand

                      Bringing a sense of Italian minimalist fashion to your home with this nightstand effortlessly combines modern elements and vintage styling. The table top is perfect to display a lovely floral arrangement, lamp, or family photo.

                      Boasting one drawer that provides additional storage capacity for organizing books, magazines, knickknacks, and other essentials. In addition, crafted from premium rattan, solid wood, and metal, this Black Rattan Woven Nightstand looks great and adds function to almost any space. Deck out your bedroom or living room with this simple but stylish nightstand!

                      Show Details: Black Rattan Woven Nightstand

                      11. Japanese-Style Wooden Bathtub

                      Japanese-Style Wooden Bathtub

                        Furnishing your bath with a wooden tub takes it to a whole new level with the various exotic wood designs. This Japanese-Style Bathtub is a luxurious hardwood that can transform any bathroom into an eye-catching spectacle. Soaking in a deep freestanding wooden tub has long been a tradition in several cultures, most notably the Japanese.

                        The latest trends in using boat-building techniques have given rise to bathroom fixtures with great aesthetic value and glamor. Picture this; a glamorous wooden tub that lasts longer. These bathtubs guarantee to nourish your desire for a warm, long soaking bath. Their curved edges and contrasting wood tones also evoke a sense of elegance and charm even after extensive use.

                        Show Details: Japanese-Style Wooden Bathtub

                        12. Cottage Coffee Table

                        Cottage Coffee Table

                          Decorate your seating area with this simple yet creative rattan coffee table. Featuring a hollow-out rattan design, this stunning handcrafted cocktail table brings a natural taste and cottage touch with the alluring appeal, adding upscale class to your space.

                          Boasting a round tabletop with ample space, you can have great tea time on it. Otherwise, it is an ideal place to display fresh flowers, magazines, or other decorative items, making a vintage and stylish statement in your living room. Add style to your home decor with this decent centerpiece!

                          Show Details: Cottage Coffee Table

                          Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Vintage Furniture

                          Not all vintage items are created equal. Therefore, shoppers should do their homework before shelling out a lot of money on items that are advertised as mid-century or vintage. Don't forget these important tidbits when shopping for vintage furnishings:

                          Look for Quality: Just because a piece is old doesn't mean it shouldn't be of good quality. Avoid furniture made with inferior materials and poor workmanship. Don't be blinded by the "vintage" label.

                          Make sure it fits: You are not buying your vintage furniture to store it away somewhere. So consider size, especially if you are buying furniture for your home. Be aware of your space's measurements so you can get furniture that will fit perfectly in your house.

                          Evaluate Refurbishing Cost: It's normal for some vintage pieces to show wear and tear. However, before making a purchase, consider the cost to restore or upgrade it. Before you buy, keep in mind the investment you'll have to make before you can truly enjoy it.

                          Repurpose for style: See if you can repurpose the furniture. For example, use a small table for a nightstand or an old trunk for a coffee table. Unusual furniture in unexpected places gives your space its distinct style.

                          Be Careful with Pests and Mold: Wood items, books, and old furniture can be home to unwanted infestations. Mold, fungi, bugs, and other pests can nest happily in storage units, unventilated homes, and more. Be sure to look for holes, droppings, powders, and discoloration. Also, leave pre-loved items outdoors for at least a few days before bringing them into your home.

                          In Summary,

                          Vintage style is all about mixing old with new; finding ways in which you can combine traditional items such as furniture or antique decorations with contemporary styles like a minimalistic design or modern furnishings.

                          With a little creativity and an eye for detail, vintage-style living is achievable in any home. Explore our furniture collection to discover an exotic vintage piece for your home.

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