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The Best Modern-Style Blank Wall Decor Ideas

Blank wall decor continues to be a puzzle for almost everyone. This is because deciding on the best Modern-Style Blank Wall Decor idea can be a hard nut to crack. The Modern-style decor theme can go from edgy, to luxurious, and even subtle. Get inspired with the wall decor ideas we cover in this piece.

Do you feel uninspired or bored by staring at blank walls now that you've settled into your new home? Then this article is for you. A huge wall that looks at you expressionlessly can leave a hollow feeling. Also, if you are trying to incorporate a new vibe into your interior, we have some chic ideas for you. 

Your apartment or office doesn’t become yours until you have personalized the interior decor. We have gathered some of the best modern-style blank wall decor ideas to help you feel more comfortable in your space.

Eight Modern-Style Blank Wall Decor Ideas

Although the easy targets for filling up blank walls are usually family photo galleries we would like for you to explore the creative options here. We hope to get you inspired with these eight modern-style blank wall decor ideas below:

  • Creative Wall Signs 
  • Daring Wall Graffiti
  • Elegant Wall Mural
  • Futuristic Statement Wall Clock
  • Large Picture Frames
  • Scenic Painting on Canvas
  • Tinted Wall Mirrors
  • Vivid Wall Decals

Creative Wall Signs

neon light wall decor sign

As the world leans into technology more, so will your modern-themed home decor items. Neon signs initially started appearing in outdoor spaces. Gradually, some businesses adopted using them to make logos for their office entryways.

With neon, your blank walls are more than just alive, the illuminated sign makes your space all the more thrilling. You can be sure to enjoy lounging in your living room or bedroom now that your wall has taken a new look. Neon lights are easy to install, durable, and best of all very cost-effective.

Neon signs are fun and dramatic, and they make for a fun conversation starter. You can get them custom-made into any word or figure that will excite you. Also, you can make anything out of neon; including song lyrics, your favorite quote, a child's name, or even the shape of your dog!

Daring Wall Graffiti

futuristic wall graffiti

Bold and daring aren’t for everyone but If you’re getting excited to read what we have to say about graffiti, then we think it’s time to hit up an artist to transform that blank wall! Did you know that the graffiti you see on the sidewalk and sometimes stop to stare at can be painted on the walls of your home too? The answer is YES.

As a lover of art, it’s time to spruce up those walls and enjoy the transformative effect. Graffiti can be painted on any part of your home or office and you are in total control of how daring you want the art to appear. Again, not all graffiti art is overwhelming, you can opt for a subtle painting that resonates more with you. Moreover, keeping the painting simple will keep the wall from looking disorganized and cluttered over time.

Additionally, there are subtle ways to have street art in your home, this includes having it painted on canvas. This way, you can always change the position of the art to any part of your space or take it down when it no longer offers an appealing effect.

Elegant Wall Mural

modern style wall mural

Wall Murals are digital prints from high-quality photography or illustration design. They are also a great way to beautify the blank wall in your space. It adds an illustration awareness, deepness, touch, and color to any area you choose to have it. Murals are also customizable and can use any high-quality image or revise an existing style to fit your space’s needs.

Modern-themed murals like the collection at Charmydecor mostly feature bold 3D futuristic graphic elements. A full mural effectively functions as a built-in piece of art. If you're feeling particularly maximalist, you may even hang other pieces of art on top of it.

This decorating choice is perfect if you have a large budget but little to no free time because you won't have to spend a lot of time finding frames, or making sure everything goes together. Simply select a design that appeals to you.

Futuristic Statement Wall Clocks

statement wall clock


No matter how advanced the world gets, somehow, wall clocks come along for the ride. Although most of our daily gadgets tell us the time, the innovative design of wall clocks makes them an undeniable decor piece on the wall.

Today, the goal is to include clocks in our interior design in a way that doesn't look dated but rather intentional and well-curated. More than just showing the time, contemporary statement wall clock designs are art.

Not only are they useful, but they may also stand alone and make a statement on a plain wall. Find the perfect wall clock for your bare wall by perusing our selection of astounding wall clock designs. You can find gems like the golden world map wall clock to beautify your blank wall.

Large Picture Frames

The Best Modern-Style Blank Wall Decor Ideas

A blank wall makes the ideal canvas for your artwork. Picture frames are growing in popularity as decorative accents to add design and color to plain walls. Large picture frames may elegantly fill any empty wall. Whether you're into photography, a follower of minimalist design, or just looking for inspirational beauty, there is an image that fits into your interior decor.

There is no better way to decorate than by producing artwork from your favorite photos! You may mix and match large picture frames depending on the mood of the room because they are available in a variety of sizes and materials, including wood, plastic, aluminum, and more.

Picture frames frequently come with protective glass, which is excellent for keeping dust away from photographs with sentimental or important meanings. You can use it alone or combine it with other decor items, such as tapestry pieces, original prints, etc., for an interesting, eclectic effect.

Scenic Painting on Canvas

The Best Modern-Style Blank Wall Decor Ideas

Artworks in any form they come in are made to be comforting, inspiring, daring, and exciting. What is interior decor without art? Scenic views can sometimes symbolize an important event in our life or an aspiration. You can instantly transform a bare wall into whatever mood you want by hanging a painting on it.

You now know how to give your blank wall some vibe! Paintings like these Abstract Art Painting are exciting and will make you surround yourself with beautiful reminders or hopeful aspirations. Your favorite season, like winter, spring, summer, or fall can be found in its most striking state as a painting on canvas.

Scenic painting can also come in the form of places, buildings, or people. The stunning aesthetic appeal of an enormous piece of art is the primary motivation for hanging it on the wall of your space. The attention-grabbing nature of these canvases draws the observer in and prompts them to consider the movement. The artworks communicate a creative story when viewers begin to scan it from one end to the other.

Tinted Wall Mirrors

The Best Modern-Style Blank Wall Decor Ideas

Beyond instantly enlarging and brightening a space, mirrors are the ideal method to add aesthetically pleasing features. In contrast to the plain transparent mirrors we are used to, contemporary wall mirrors are evolving. To add some drama and color to a space, modern wall décor mirrors today are tinted. Every decor style incorporates decor wall mirrors, which are a constantly growing trend. A chic wall or floor mirror can be used as decor in house designs.

Tinted mirrors make a useful alternative to artwork. The look is so striking you won’t need to add any other decorative accents. Its reflecting qualities are ideal for giving the impression that small spaces are larger and prettier in color, and they also require less maintenance.

Asymmetric mirrors, on the other hand, are a new trendy mirror design that is swiftly taking over the home decor market. You can swipe through our collection of decorative wall mirrors to find your best fit. 

Vivid Wall Decals

The Best Modern-Style Blank Wall Decor Ideas

Wall decorations are a great way to turn your blank walls into modern works of art. Wallpaper isn’t the only way to add graphic appeal to a wall. Wall decals are a popular form of wall decoration. They offer an easy and creative way to transform the look of any room in your home. With modern designs and bold colors, these decals will add some pizzazz to that boring white wall! They are mostly artistic line drawing with subtle tones that blend with other elements in a space.

The fact that wall decals come in such a wide variety of distinctive designs makes them a fantastic decoration tool. There is something out there for everyone looking for methods to spruce up their bare walls with inventive ideas. They come in abstract forms or nature-inspired images. Additionally, wall decal designs are available in a variety of sizes, so you can be sure to find one that is ideal for any area where you may be looking to cover bare walls!

In Summary,

Your quality of life can be improved by modern-style blank wall decor. It can make children happier, and guests more comfortable. Also, it makes your place easier to unwind in. The creation of a charming and happy home is a noble endeavor. We hope you explore the creative options we shared above.

At Charmydecor, our collection of masterpiece decor items is not just beautiful and durable but they are carefully curated to bring you the comfort you desire within your space.

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