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The Best Makeup Vanities with Storage in 2022

An exquisite makeup vanity — much like the perfect foundation or concealer— is a must-have for looking stylish. For many people, makeup is an essential part of their daily routine. It can help to boost confidence and self-esteem. It can also be used to create a wide range of looks, from natural and understated to bold and dramatic. Whether you wear makeup every day or just for special occasions, having a dedicated makeup vanity can be a lifesaver. 

In addition to offering a surface for applying makeup, these vanities also offer storage for all of your products. Their little drawers are perfect for storing away small items. They typically include a mirror, and some also have integrated lighting that can help to create the perfect makeup environment. 

With a decorative and beautiful bedroom makeup vanity with storage, putting on your best lipstick or lipliner will feel like you're preparing yourself for an adoring audience. In multiple colors and styles to match your existing bedroom furniture, fit perfectly in your space, and also feature several drawer configurations, these makeup vanities will be a lovely addition to any makeup lover's bedroom.

What Do I Look Out For in Vanity Set?

Here are some essential features to look for in your makeup vanity if you've decided to add one to your shopping list:

  • Storage: Ample storage comes in many different forms. Some of these options feature few drawers and compartments that also let you separate and organize. While others have one or two big drawers that can store larger items. If you opt for one with big drawers, you might want to purchase a few organizing trays, too, so you can store smaller items like lipstick and hair clips.
  • Dimensions: If you want to spread out all your makeup tools and products, you can opt for a bigger vanity that'll also give you lots of room to work, but if you're tight on space, we've included some compact options, as well as a table that fits neatly into the corner of your room. In any case, take note of the dimensions to ensure the table fits.
  • Style: We've provided alternatives for a variety of aesthetics, including vintage to modern to classic — the choice will ultimately come down to your preferences. Also, many of these vanities are available in different colors and finishes, so you can find the one that best suits you and your space.

For convenience, some of these vanity tables also come with a seat, so you can be comfortable while you get ready. With all that, here are super pretty makeup vanities with storage that will make getting ready a cinch.

Best Makeup Vanities (With Storage!)

Below are super pretty makeup vanities with storage that will quite literally hold all of your things.

1. Swivel Cabinet Makeup Vanity 
a table filled with makeup products

It's hard to go wrong with this elegant vanity dressing table. With this vanity table, you can add an element of elegance and functionality to your bedroom. It features a drawer for any cosmetics, a storage space with a movable tray on the countertop, and  also swivel side cabinets which provide plenty of space for all daily requirements.

This Makeup Vanity Table comes in different eye-catching colors, and also has a standing mirror and faux leather stool which makes it a complete set

  • Dimension: 80cmH/ 130cmW/ 50cmDepth
  • Mirror Included: Yes
  • Stool Included: Yes
2. Gray Makeup Vanity Set
Gray Makeup Vanity Set

Sweet and simple, this gray makeup vanity Set is a top choice for any space. It is perfect for doing makeup, storing goods, and also adding style to the main bedroom or teen's room. It is designed with slim long metal sticks to give it a sleek appearance, and the frame is also constructed from strong and engineered wood with an attractive dark gray finish.

Together with the mirror, this vanity set will bring you an image of consistency. Your cosmetics, jewelry, perfume, etc., could be stored in the vanity cabinet and left side of the vanity with two full-extension drawers that slide smoothly on metal glides. 

  • Dimension: 100cmL x 40cmW x 78cmH
  • Mirror Included: Yes
  • Stool Included: No
3. Modern Wall-Mounted Makeup Vanity
Wall-Mounted Vanity set

If your tastes veer modern and minimalist, this makeup vanity will be just your speed. Boasting a modern, round silhouette, this dainty vanity set also comes with a mirror, stool, and two storage drawers, which will add an element of glamor and functionality to your bedroom. 

Open the wooden lid, you can see a mirror and two compartments for showcasing your jewelry or ornaments. Additionally, the opened lid can be used as a desk if you want. Its two large drawers with four interlayers also offer ample storage space to neatly organize your cosmetics, hair accessories, and other gadgets. Enjoy some needed personal grooming space with this attractive gray vanity set. 

  • Dimension: 77cmDia x 32cmD x 77cmH
  • Mirror Included: Yes
  • Stool Included: Yes
4. Green Makeup Vanity Set with Cabinet
an elegant green table with mirror

    Accented in a clean-lined silhouette with faux leather upholstery, this beauty table lends a glamorous flair that also blends well with any modern decor. Featuring the side cabinet, the vanity table offers ample storage rooms for your articles of daily use.

    Boasting refined manufactured wood with high-class stainless steel, it allows long-lasting service and timeless sophistication. It also serves as an expandable dressing table for your convenience.

    • Dimension: 100cmL x 49.5cmW x 78cmH
    • Mirror Included: Yes
    • Stool Included: Yes
    5. Flip-Top Mini Makeup Vanity
    Flip-Top Mini Makeup table

      Get all the Nordic vibes with this vanity set that comes in a natural finish. It features a flip-top mirror and various compartments. This makes the organization simple and keeps things close to reaching. The vanity provides plenty of storage space for your daily usage items and comes with a drawer and a storage stool. 

      This mini vanity set is the perfect complement to your room as you can quickly convert it into a workstation, bedroom table, and storage table for your multipurpose usage.

      • Dimension: 82cmH x 80cmW x 40cmD
      • Mirror Included: Yes
      • Stool Included: Yes
      6. Acrylic Floating Makeup Vanity
      a wide white table

        Get ready in style with this minimalistic vanity table. It features 2 pull-out drawers that slide effortlessly along sustainable glides, allowing you easy access to your makeup and accessories. Additionally, the lighting vanity mirror that allows rotating 360°, ensures you'll be ready for your close-up at any angle.

        Complete with a vanity stool upholstered in the same design, this acrylic makeup vanity is the perfect place to prim and prep for the day ahead!

        • Dimension: 100cmW x 75cmH x 40cmD
        • Mirror Included: Yes
        • Stool Included: Yes
        7. Modern Lighted Makeup Vanity Set
        Modern Lighted Makeup Vanity Set

          If you're looking for something that's space-efficient yet still attractive, this lighted makeup vanity set would be an ideal fit for you. Featuring a flip-top mirror and several compartments, it helps you stay organized and also keeps your items handy.

          Featuring a drawer and a storage stool, this vanity set offers ample storage rooms for your articles of daily use. Made of MDF and stainless steel, this vanity set also ensures long-lasting use and beauty.

          • Dimension: 100cmW x 55cmD x 80cmH
          • Mirror Included: Yes
          • Stool Included: Yes
          8. Foldable Makeup Vanity
          Foldable table with a mirror

            Compacted yet versatile, this makeup vanity can transform from a helpful nightstand at night to a functional makeup vanity in the daytime. Also, the flip-top mirror at the top and hidden drawer under the stool strikes the perfect balance and seek to satisfy all needs for a makeup vanity you can expect.

            For those who are seeking space-saving furniture to be added to their sweet bedroom, this sleek vanity set knows how to welcome you home.

            • Dimension: 77cmH x 40cmD x 50cmW
            • Mirror Included: Yes
            • Stool Included: Yes
            9. Floating Acrylic Makeup Vanity Set
            Floating Acrylic set with mirror

              This versatile vanity set has many thoughtful details that make it a must-have; it also delivers all the features you need to get your daily makeup done. Whether you use it for your morning preparations or afternoon errands, it offers just the right amount of storage and tabletop space.

              Featured with tempered glass top and under-storage design to cradle and show your accessories, along with multiple drawers for your cosmetic products. The stool of this floating acrylic vanity is crafted of an acrylic base, which also serve as the perfect place to prep for the day ahead!

              • Dimension: 122cmW x 75cmH x 40cmD
              • Mirror Included: Yes
              • Stool Included: Yes
              10. Modern Floating Acrylic Vanity Desk
              Modern Floating Acrylic Vanity Desk

                Sweet and simple, this acrylic makeup desk is a top choice for any space. It is perfectly sized for the bedroom or guest room. Whether you use it for your morning preparations or afternoon errands, it offers just the right amount of storage and tabletop space.

                Two drawers also provide room for cosmetics, brushes, or even small garments, like hosiery or neckties. When you’re not getting dolled up, you can hit the books or get some work done, as it also doubles as a writing desk. Also great for space-saving hacks!

                • Dimension: 122cmW x 75cmH x 40cmD
                • Mirror Included: No
                • Stool Included: No

                Which Makeup Vanity Suit You Best?

                Using a makeup vanity will be a game-changer when it comes to your daily makeup routine or getting ready to go out. Your vanity should make getting ready fun and exciting, whether you're getting ready for work or a hot date. Finding the right one also depends on the space you have available in your room, your storage needs, and your style. 

                Select the vanity that appeals to you and that will also help you set the mood. View other vanity collection options!

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