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Most Stylish Wine Cabinets & Racks for a Perfect Wine Lover

There’s something impeccably stylish about having a wine cabinet or rack in your kitchen or dining room. No matter your budget, adding a wine cabinet to your home décor promises to maximize the organization and level up the look of your space, all at once. They present the opportunity to organize and store a wine collection, while also beautifully displaying any fine and rare bottles. 

Luckily, wine racks now come in a variety of design options, and whether you use it to showcase your bottles or simply as a loading dock between the store and the refrigerator, these delicate pieces are an elegant and easy way to add more storage and organization to your space.

Of course, as with any storage solution, knowing which of the many types of wine cabinets to choose for your specific needs is vital. That's why we've compiled the very best for you. Whether you’re after a wooden or a metal wine rack; wall-mounted or countertop-sitting, here are 12 wine racks we'd happily raise our glass to.

Our Top Picks

  • Industrial Octagonal Wine Rack
  • Modern Wooden Wine Rack
  • Gold Hanging Wine Rack
  • Metal Round Wine & Glass Rack 
  • Boat-Shaped Wooden Wine Rack
  • Nordic White Corner Cabinet
  • Industrial Standing Wine Rack
  • Industrial Loft Bar Cabinet
  • Creative Swan Wine Rack
  • Glam Peacock Wine Rack
  • Motorcycle & Clock Wine Holder
  • Peacock Wine Bottle Holder in Antique Silver

Best Wall-Mounted Wine Racks

The best wall mounted wine rack ideas can transform a boring wall into a design element that is both beautiful and functional. These designs are part art, part space-saver, and also make your life 100% easier by finding that exact bottle of wine you seek rather than rummaging in a cabinet or on a bar for it. If you’re looking for a piece of decor that’s also functional, we love that wall-mounted wine racks jazz up any space they’re in.

Here are 4 Wall-Mounted Wine Racks for Your Space;

1. Industrial Octagonal Wine Rack

Industrial Octagonal Wine Rack

    This exquisite wine rack is one of a kind; constructed of steel with finishes in gold and black variants. The wine shelf is very durable, easy to install, and great for both residential and commercial applications.

    This delicate piece doesn't just hold wine in one place for easy access but also adds a sense of beauty to the arranged wine; now you can display your favorite wine with ease, and every wine bottle becomes easy to access and has stable slots, while you enjoy a happy drinking time. 

    Acquire the wine shelf and add a touch of elegance to your dining room, hallway, or store and fill it with a variety of worthy bottles so you can craft an even more relaxing atmosphere and save your space.

    • Material: Steel
    • Dimension: 100cmH x 100cmW x 9cmD
    • Bottle Capacity: 15 bottles
    • Assembly Required: No

    2. Modern Wooden Wine Rack

    Modern Wooden Wine Rack

      This wooden wine rack is adorned with delicate details for a look that spells out farmhouse style. With space for 4 bottles and 4 wine glasses, it features a rectangular design found on a wall mount hanging.

      Keep this wine rack atop your dining room wall filled with a few of your favorite vintage of wine, that way you're ready to pour out drinks at your next dinner party or just as a decoration in a dining room.

      • Material: Pine Wood
      • Dimension: 95cmH x 28cmW x 12cmD
      • Bottle Capacity: 4 bottles/4 Wine Glasses
      • Assembly Required: Partially

      3. Gold Hanging Wine Rack

      Gold Hanging bottle storage

        This Gold Hanging Wine Rack is adorned with delicate details for a look that spells out contemporary. With space for up to 12 bottles, it features a rhombus design found on a wall mount hanging. It has a charming finishing touch. Keep it centered on a blank wall along with a variety of worthy bottles so you can craft an, even more, relaxing atmosphere. 

        • Material: Metal
        • Dimension: 26cmH x 26cmW x 10cmD
        • Bottle Capacity: 12 bottles
        • Assembly Required: No

        4. Metal Round Wine & Glass Rack

        Round bottle storage

          Create a perfect storage place for your red wine and stemware with this Wine & Glass Rack. It is crafted from premium metal and features storage for a handful of 9 wine bottles and a rack below for hanging stemware. Its complementing finishes of black color with a multi-tier design, make this piece perfect for a bar, dining room, and personalized decoration.

          The simple design and strong structure of this wine & glass rack provide ample storage space for your wines and stemware. The product is suitable for hanging goblets whose bottom diameter is less than 3.5"/9cm.

          • Material: Metal
          • Overall Dimensions: 90cmDia x 10cmD
          • Bottle Capacity: 9 bottles & 11 Glasses
          • Assembly Required: No

          Best Standing Wine Cabinets/Racks

          If you have a lot of wine to store and want to display them in a wine cellar, dining room, or kitchen, standing wine cabinets or racks are a great investment. They usually can store dozens or even hundreds of bottles at once, so they are best for the serious wine collector.

          Below are 4 Best Standing Wine Cabinets for Your Space;

          5. Boat-Shaped Wooden Wine Rack

          Boat-Shaped Wooden Wine Rack

            Maybe not water-worthy, but this exotic piece is definitely worthy of your wines, your favorite reads, and other treasures reflecting your outdoor lifestyle. Made of natural basswood, and also coated with environmental-friendly paint, this furniture is sleek and delicate.

            The construction of this bookshelf/wine cabinet also includes a shelf and storage room with a cabinet door for storing things out of sight. This classic piece of furniture serves as a practical and perfect decoration for any space in your home as well. Moreover, the light wood tone gives it a modern feel and it also goes best with light and airy decor.

            This unique piece is also elaborately designed to perfectly fit a corner of your room without taking up much of your space. Picking a gift for any wine lover in your life, this water boat is also capable of warming hearts at first sight!

            • Material: Basswood
            • Dimension: 135cmL x 57cmW (size varies)
            • Bottle Capacity: 24 bottles & 4 glasses
            • Assembly Required: No

            6. Nordic White Corner Cabinet

            Nordic White Corner Cabinet

              This space-saving corner wine cabinet will add style and functionality to bare areas in your room. It features a corner shape, which allows it to simply fit into that vacant space in your living room or kitchen. Being 73" tall, this cabinet has a large capacity for displaying wine, glasses, or vases as well as other general storage.

              The corner cabinet is made of high-quality materials and designed for prolonged usage and timeless attractiveness. It will provide style and order to your house while controlling clutter. The luxurious frame provides a remarkably sturdy position that keeps it standing firm in the corner.

              • Material: Fir, Tempered Glass, Titanium Alloy
              • Dimension: 185cmH/ 42cmW/ 42cmD
              • Bottle Capacity: 16 bottles
              • Assembly Required: No

              7. Industrial Standing Wine Rack

              Industrial Standing Wine-bottle storage

                Entertain your guest with the appealing sight and function of this Industrial Standing Wine Rack. This stylish wine cabinet features enough room for plenty of wine bottles and glasses and even a useful cupboard at the bottom. It has an open-shelving that can double as a display for food and more. It also comprises 3 Shelving, 2 wine storage, over 8 glass holder racks, and 2 doors.

                This standing wine cabinet gives you all the storage you might need to keep any gathering going. It is a lovely addition to your home for a touch of industrial retro glamor during any home party. 

                • Material: Metal
                • Dimension: 180cmH x 80mW x 25cmD
                • Bottle Capacity: 32 bottles & 4 glasses
                • Assembly Required: No

                8. Industrial Loft Bar Cabinet

                Industrial Loft Bar Cabinet

                  This Industrial Loft Bar Cabinet is the best choice to hold up your loved wine. The multi-functional wine cabinet with wine glass holders and wine grids inside organizes your wine bottles and stores them in place. Also, three drawers allow extra space for your items. Keep your wine stored in an organized way with this Industrial Loft Bar Cabinet.

                  Its design corresponds to today's trend, iron meets wood. With its mesh iron back it looks dainty and does not take up much space. In addition to glasses and bottles, you can also store corkscrews or bottle openers in the drawers. 

                  • Materials: Pine Wood, Metal
                  • Dimension: 170cmH x 56cmW x 38cmD
                  • Bottle Capacity: 15 bottles & 4 glasses
                  • Assembly Required: No

                  Best Table-Top Wine Rack

                  Are you seeking a tabletop wine rack that combines functionality with aesthetics? Tabletop wine racks, in particular, provide easy access to your desired bottle while taking up relatively little space. Also, they can be placed in the most convenient location in your home for wine storage purposes. 

                  Read on for the 4 Best Table-Top Wine Rack for Your dining area;

                  9. Creative Swan Wine Rack

                  Creative Swan bottle holder

                    This creative swan wine rack makes the perfect gift for a wine lover. It will be a classy, lovely, and unique present. Placing it in a visible location such as the living room, office, or bedroom, adds more prestige to the space. 

                    The swan bottle holder is made of resin and can accommodate just a single bottle. The choice of the bottle is yours but it will sit perfectly with a red wine bottle. It radiates an amazingly unique style that will add innovation and decoration to your space.

                    • Material: Resin
                    • Dimension: 26cmL x 12cmW x 27cmH
                    • Bottle Capacity: 1 bottle
                    • Assemble Required: No

                    10. Glam Peacock Wine Rack

                    Glam Peacock Wine Rack

                      The Glam Peacock Wine Rack would serve as a great display on any countertop. Display your vintage on this eye-catching peacock of quality resin, as it is made to ensure the storage of the wine easily and steadily.

                      A great gift for family, relatives, friends, business partners, wine lovers, and wine collectors. This signature piece is an instant focal point in any elegantly appointed room. This wine piece can also serve as colorful ornaments for your home decoration; it can match any home, kitchen, restaurant, wine cellar, bar, or restaurant.

                      • Material: Resin
                      • Dimension: 33cmH x 25cmW x 15cmD
                      • Bottle Capacity: 1 bottle
                      • Assembly Required: No

                      11. Motorcycle & Clock Wine Holder

                      Motorcycle & Clock bottle Holder

                        The Motorcycle & Clock Wine Holder is a great displayable piece on any kitchen countertop. The unique shape of an eye-catching retro motorcycle and clock will display your favorite wine well at your party, commemoration day, or leisure time.

                        Crafted of quality resin, this stylish wine bottle holder is made to ensure that your wine bottles are protected, and unable to fall off.

                        • Material: Resin
                        • Dimension: 27cmH x 30cmW x 14cmD
                        • Bottle Capacity: 1 bottle
                        • Assembly Required: No

                        12. Peacock Wine Bottle Holder in Antique Silver

                        Peacock Bottle Holder in Antique Silver

                          This Peacock Wine Bottle Holder is adorned with distressed details for a peacock look that spells out rustic. With space for 1 bottle and 4 glasses, it features a classic wine bottle design founded on desk standing. This piece is a charming finishing touch!

                          Keep this wine holder atop your dining room table and filled with your favorite vintages wine and glasses, that way you're ready to pour out drinks at your next dinner party or just as a decoration in a dining room.

                          • Material: Resin
                          • Dimension: 54cmL x 19cmW x 34cmH
                          • Bottle Capacity: 1 bottle & 4 glasses
                          • Assemble Required: No

                          What to Look Out for in a Wine Rack - Buying Guide

                          1. Dimensions

                          You need a wine rack that will both fit in the space you have available and hold the number of bottles you need to store. Make sure to measure the space you intend to put your wine rack in, and then compare it with the dimensions of the racks you’re considering. Also, consider the size of the wine bottles you buy. While many types of wine come in pretty standard bottle sizes, if you buy Champagne, or like to get magnum-sized bottles, then you’ll need a wine rack that can accommodate the different shapes and sizes.

                          2. Bottle Capacity

                          This depends on how many bottles you like to keep around. You can find racks that hold as little as one to three bottles or many, many more. You may find that once you have a wine rack you love that you’re inspired to buy more wine, so it can’t hurt to get one with a bit more room than you think you’ll need.

                          3. Aesthetic & Design

                          For many buyers, the design of a wine rack will be the most important consideration. Why not buy something that turns your wine bottles into art?

                          Many wine racks from all of the different types we listed offer some style that will add something visually appealing to the space you put it in. You can find colorful wine racks, ones with a modern design, ones that provide a rustic look, and many that provide a touch of elegance.

                          4. Material

                          Wine racks are usually made of either metal or wood. Wood wine racks provide a more traditional look and tend to come in earthy colors that many people like the look and feel of, while metal racks are often black, silver, or gold but can come in other colors as well. Many of the wine racks that provide a more modern style come in metal. Choosing the material mostly comes down to your personal preference and which fits best aesthetically in the space you’ll be putting your wine rack in.

                          In Summary,

                          So much wine and nowhere to store it! If this is a common storage dilemma for you, then you should consider investing in a wine rack (or two, or three). The great thing about wine storage is that it is extremely versatile and easy to apply to any space in your home. 

                          Unlike many other storage options, wine racks are designed to occupy as little or as much space as you have to offer. Therefore, we invite you to explore all the wine racks in our Wine Cabinets & Racks collection and choose your ideal wine rack by yourself.

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