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9 Chic & Functional Shoe Storage Cabinets for a Stylish Closet

Kicking off your shoes after you had a long day is a great feeling — unless you have no place to store them. Shoe storage is the smartest solution because having all your kicks in one space means more time wearing them and less time trying to find them. 

This practical piece of furniture keeps your shoes stowed neatly out of the way while also ensuring they remain easily accessible right when you need them – perfect for entryways, closets, dressing rooms, hallways, and more. 

Additionally, keeping your floors clean and free from dirt is another reason that shoe cabinets are so handy. These incredible furniture pieces are bound to change the way you think about this type of storage, with stylish options that keep your things neat while sprucing up your space. 

From options with multiple tiers to hidden boxes/drawers, there's sure to be a shoe rack that will make kicking off your shoes a more enjoyable experience. 

Here, we share 9 inspiring shoe storage cabinet ideas, which will keep your shoes beautifully and safely stored while sending clutter to the curb.


To find the best shoe storage cabinet for your space, consider the following:

Your shoe collection: One of the most critical things you need to consider is the size of your shoe storage. You want something that will hold all your shoes. Most shoe storage cabinets will list the maximum number of shoes they can hold. Before buying a new storage, go through your shoe collection—feel free to toss anything that no longer fits your feet or current style.  

Materials & Finishes: The material used in manufacturing the shoe storage cabinet is another essential factor. These units can be made of wood, plastic, fabric, or metal. Various finishes are also available, from finished wood to wrought iron. 

Consider dimensions: If you want to acquire the best shoe storage cabinet, don’t forget to consider the dimension. In this case, the dimension includes the length, width, and height of the unit. 

Take accurate measurements to ensure that the storage cabinet also matches the dimensions of your space. Ensure the external measurement of the unit tallies with the space where you have planned to place it in your home.

Budget considerations: Before purchasing a shoe storage cabinet, determine the exact amount of money you are willing to spend. Some storage units are more expensive than others. 

Typically, wooden shoe storage units are more costly than metallic and plastic ones because they last longer and are more attractive; they also add to the beauty of your bedroom decor. Find something that'll comfortably fit your space and budget.

The above criteria greatly influenced our picks for the best shoe storage cabinets. Our list below contains a wide range of styles and price points so you can find the ideal solution for your needs and budget.

The Best Shoe Cabinets, as selected by our experts.

1. Nordic Entryway Shoe Cabinet

Nordic Entryway cabinet

The simple design and lines made this White Entryway Shoe Storage Cabinet the perfect addition to any space. It is the ideal potential substitute with its classic modern aesthetic and top-notch construction.

Made of high-quality MDF and metal, it is durable and sturdy and has a long-term life. There are 7 shelves and 5 drawers that provide enough smart storage space for your shoes or other daily necessities.


  • Product Price: $449.99 
  • Material: MDF
  • Dimensions: 100cmH 145cmW x 35cmD
  • Max shoe storage: Appx. 20 Pairs

Buy here: Nordic Entryway Shoe Cabinet

2. Entryway Wooden Shoe Storage Bench

Entryway Wooden Storage Bench

Messy mudroom? Go for a shoe storage bench that offers storage as well as a place to sit and put your shoes on. The Wooden Shoe Storage Bench is inspired by a modern minimalist style and is a fantastic stand-out piece for any living room.

This wooden shoe storage is designed for everything from small sandals to cumbersome clogs and is accommodated with adjustable doors and shelves. The foam cushion also delivers maximum sitting comfort while still being both practical and utilitarian.


  • Product Price: $399.99
  • Material: Cotton & Linen, Manufactured Wood, Foam
  • Dimensions: D35cm x W120cm x H68.5cm
  • Max shoe storage: Appx. 12 Pairs

Buy here: Entryway Wooden Shoe Storage Bench

3. Nordic Glass Shoe Cabinet

Nordic Glass Cabinet

Perfect for concealing clutter in a busy hallway, this Glass Shoe Cabinet serves as an elegant shoe storage solution for your shoes and footwear. The sleek metal frame of our shoe cabinet blends seamlessly into any interior style.

Crafted of solid wood and tempered glass, the three-tiered shoe cabinet with an extra shelf below will keep your entryway free of clutters. Also, the tempered glass walls and doors continue the sophisticated expression, blurring the cabinet's contents from prying eyes.


  • Product Price: $729.99
  • Material: Wood Grain MDF Board, Tempered glass, Carbon steel
  • Dimensions: 90cmH x 100cmW x 35cmD
  • Max shoe storage: Appx. 16 Pairs

Buy here: Nordic Glass Shoe Cabinet

4. Luxury Glass Door Shoe Cabinet/Rack

Luxury Glass Rack

Buy this modern glass door shoe cabinet for your living room and get more storage. The shoe organizer is composed of high-quality tempered glass and well-crafted manufactured fiberboard for long-lasting service and timeless elegance. 

This Glass Door Shoe Cabinet has four sizes and five colors to choose from that are versatile enough to mix and match any decorative style. It is also designed for narrow hallways, making it the perfect furniture piece for any home.


  • Product Price: From $ 461.99
  • Material: Fiberboard, Tempered glass
  • Dimensions: 105cmH x 84cmW x 35cmD (Small)
  • Min shoe storage: Appx. 16 Pairs

Buy here: Luxury Glass Door Shoe Cabinet/ Rack

5. 4 Shelves Shoe Storage Bench - with Drawers & Flip Top

4 Shelves Storage Bench - with Drawers & Flip Top

With this exquisite Shoe Storage Bench, you can add a touch of elegance to your home's interior design while also giving it a taste of the ultimate sophistication. It can also be used as storage drawers, a footrest in bedrooms, or as an entryway shoe bench.

Supported by contemporary metal legs, this striking multifunctional piece makes a modern statement piece in any space.


  • Product Price: $639.99
  • Material: Ecological Board, Foam, Metal, PU Leather
  • Dimensions: 100cmLx30cmWx90cmH
  • Max shoe storage: Appx. 12 Pairs

Buy here: 4 Shelves Shoe Storage Bench

6. Tall Swivel Shoe Storage Cabinet

Tall Swivel Storage Cabinet

Designed with a prism contour, the modern swivel shoe cabinet showcases a white and gold finish for a cool, contemporary feel. The curved door conceals plenty of space to store up to 9 pairs of shoes, creating a neat, clutter-free environment, while its adjustable inner shelves allow you to keep your boots, heels, sneakers, flats, and many more with ease. 

Made of durable aluminum and steel, it gives you a way to neatly store shoes while also accenting the aesthetics of your space. It’s also available in three different sizes.


  • Product Price: From $155.99
  • Material: Aluminum, Steel
  • Dimensions: 
  • 127cmH x 35cmW/ 86cmH x 35cmW/ 45cmH x 35cmW
  • Max shoe storage: Appx.  9/6/3 Pairs

Buy here: Tall Swivel Shoe Storage Cabinet

7. Nordic Solid-Wood Shoe Cabinet

Nordic Solid-Wood Cabinet

The Comfortable Nest of Beautiful Shoes - A beautiful combination of nordic style and modern practicality, the Nordic Solid-Wood Shoe Cabinet can elevate any home. With one/two glass doors and 5 shelves, it offers you ample space to organize your multiple shoes.

This shoe cabinet keeps your shoes organized, and also adds a neat touch to your home with its generous storage spaces. It stands out as a superb addition to any hallway thanks to its fantastic functionality coupled with a unique and eye-catching aesthetic.


  • Product Price: From $ 576.99
  • Material: FAS grade oak, Black walnut wood, Changhong glass
  • Dimensions: 105cmH x 50cmW x 35cmD / 105cmH x 80cmW x 35cmD
  • Max shoe storage: Appx.  10/15 Pairs

Buy here: Nordic Solid-Wood Shoe Cabinet 

8. 3-Tier Rattan Wooden Shoe Rack

3-Tier Rattan Wooden Rack

This slim, stylish three-tiered rattan wooden shoe rack would look great in any hallway. Made of fresh oak, which blends beautifully with rustic rattan, this shoe organizer creates a laid-back and comfortable feeling in your home. 

It features 3 shoe storage sections, which are capable of holding up to 3 pairs of shoes each. This shoe rack/organizer will complete your indoor look as a perfect entryway shoe shelf. Choose your preferred style to complete your elegant shoe rack decor.


  • Product Price: From $ 553.99
  • Material: North-American FAS grade oak, Brass 
  • Dimensions of small: 111.4cmH x 68cmW x 18cmD
  • Min shoe storage: 9 Pairs

Buy here: 3-Tier Rattan Wooden Shoe Rack

9. Rattan Shoe Cabinet with Flip Rack

beautiful Rattan Flip Rack

Save more aisle space with this Rattan Shoe Cabinet with flip rack. Disguised as a chest of drawers, this shoe organizer opens to reveal three slots to keep your footwear. This classic statement piece is constructed from cherry wood and features a handwoven rattan door that keeps your shoes airy and dust-free.

The Rattan Shoe Cabinet is both elegant and practical, giving plenty of storage space while also adding a touch of elegance to your doorway or corridor. It's ideal for narrow hallways, and also the perfect place for storing your shoes.


  • Product Price: $ 1,056.99
  • Material: FAS grade cherry wood, Metal Board
  • Dimensions: 180cmH x 90cmW x 20cmD
  • Max shoe storage: 12 Pairs

Buy here: Rattan Shoe Cabinet with Flip Rack

In Conclusion

Your shoes play a critical role in defining your personality. Therefore, it pays to take good care of them and ensure they are stored properly. With a good shoe storage unit, you can be sure that your shoes will remain in excellent condition and serve you for many years. It will also help you keep your spaces tidier and protect your investment. 

Find your favorite shoe storage here, and create the perfect entryway in your home.

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