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8 Top-Tier Interior Lighting Trends for Homes in 2022

In 2022, lighting trends are looking more brilliant than ever and there is something for everyone and every room; from flashy, in-your-face chandeliers to subtle lamps and bulbs that gently envelop a room in light. 

For something so integral to our homes, lighting is often not talked about in the same way decor or other foundational elements of a room are; and in some cases, it's altogether neglected. 

Lighting plays a vital role in the design of every room, influencing how it looks, feels, and functions throughout the day. And as we continue to spend more time in our homes, it's perhaps more important than ever. You can manipulate your home’s atmosphere just by how you position the lighting and the kind of fixtures you use.  

Like any other part of interior décor, lighting design keeps evolving. Technology is one reason for these changes. As manufacturers come up with modern fixtures and bulbs, homeowners incorporate them into their homes. 

To help you create a stylish and long-lasting lighting solution for your lovely home; we’ve compiled a list of the top 8 lighting design trends for 2022.

1. Lighting as Functional Art 

art design lighting

Lighting is so beautiful that it not only lights a room but it also acts as a piece of art. With functional art becoming common in modern interiors, now is the perfect time to choose a light that also serves as art.

While some might say that all lighting is a form of art in its way, some lighting fixtures are especially artful; designed to catch the eye and add visual interest even when they’re not switched on. 

Choosing a statement pendant light is a good place to start when looking for lighting that also serves as functional art. To be a bit more creative, think of how you can replace traditional wall artwork with light. 

Clustering minimalist sconces create a point of interest, while also illuminating a key area such as a hallway or staircase. In both residential and commercial spaces, lighting as an art phenomenon is most common in the form of chandeliers and sconces these days. 

For interior designers looking to incorporate pieces of lighting that stand alone as art; try not to go overboard with too many statement fixtures. 

With innovations in materials and technology; lighting fixtures designed for different spaces don’t have to serve one purpose or look one way anymore. As with any form of art, it’s all about personalizing a space and having fun with it.

2. Black and Brass Finishes

black and brass finishes

Brass is the go-to metal in today’s most popular home design aesthetics. As an extremely popular finish in all aspects of interior design; brass is found in kitchen appliances, home décor, dressing tables, and of course, lighting fixtures.

Brass is a perfect way to add a touch of grandeur to your home while also complementing an Empire or Scandinavian style. In contrast to the chromed finish previously popular, trending brass fixtures have a subtle brushed or satin finish.

Homeowners have fallen in love with earthy and warm tones and brass falls right within this spectrum of warm colors that work so well for contemporary decors to choose for your remodel.

It borrows the soft matte finish of these two hues while bringing out the warmth and mellowness of gold. This also means that it can blend in with almost any kind of décor from modern urban to farmhouse.

Pair this with black for contrast, and you’ll create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in your home. Black and brass lighting fixtures are a great alternative to the usual silver and gold; making your interior stand out as a stylish, on-trend space.

3. Oversized Lighting Fixtures 

oversized lighting fixtures

In the past, many homeowners would attempt to blend their lighting in or have it disappear completely. And while the trend of simplicity and minimalism is still around; oversized and more elaborate lighting fixtures have become a route that many aspire for their homes.

Because open plan living areas have become more popular; the use of large fixtures helps to make the space feel more inviting and less empty. Over-sized and highly decorative pendant lights and chandeliers are set to continue to be a big trend in 2022.

For example, if you have a large, open dining area, a simple and minimalist approach to lighting probably won’t work. The space needs a stand-out feature that brings it all together, and lighting can certainly help.

One fun way to do this would be to add an oversized chandelier. This is a great, affordable refresh to a room or entryway that will be noticed by guests right away.”

This speaks to the point, too, that chandeliers are no longer just reserved for dining rooms or for hovering over a foyer—there can be a space for them in a variety of different settings. It's simply a matter of picking out a fitting selection.

4. LED Lighting (Low energy lighting)

LED lighting

With an increased demand for new and unique lighting designs, the LED Lighting trend is set to continue into 2022.

LED lighting is now considered the best alternative to traditional lights like incandescent and CFLs, thanks to technological advancements. They have now become widespread products due to their versatile, energy-saving, and environment-friendly nature. 

LED fixtures and smart bulbs are becoming increasingly popular because they let you set the ambiance (the bulbs’ warmth and brightness) in your home, transforming a daytime home office into a cozy evening sanctuary.

Smart LED bulbs and strips are also affordable and widely available. This year, a big trend for home offices is integrated strip lighting. It mimics natural light and hardly takes up any space, freeing up precious desk space!

More and more homeowners are switching to LED lighting for its cost and energy-saving properties, which is far more efficient and lasts for much longer than incandescent bulbs. 

Another advantage of LED lighting is the variety of styles available. LED lamps come in multiple colors, brightness, shapes, and so on. They are a great choice when you need a unique design for your home.

5. Simplicity and Minimalistic Design

simplicity and minimalistic design

Minimalism has been making a comeback in home decor for a while now, so it’s only natural that lighting would follow this trend. The rational use of space with a simple and minimalist design is both practical and pleasing to the eye. 

This trend, which has been around for some time, not only helps to remove the unnecessary details in your lighting scheme but can also be achieved on a budget without sacrificing in the aesthetics department.

Just because a lighting fixture is minimalist doesn't mean it has to be invisible, though. Many modernist lighting fixtures are still sleek and streamlined but can come in a variety of striking shapes and colors. As long as it is not the main focal feature or takes away from the design you are in the clear!

Using basic colors will help create a minimalist design that supports an ultra-modern finish, so stick with shades like black, white, and grey. 

Combine this with simple, symmetrically shaped fixtures, and carry this through the rest of your interior for consistency.

6. Get Creative with Colorful and Stylish Lamps

colorful and stylish lamps

Colorful, stylish lamps are becoming a major style, and that will continue into 2022. The great thing about having lamps is that it makes a statement — even when it’s turned off.     

Not only can you move it around to provide task lighting when needed, but you can also include it in your permanent lighting scheme, adding a lamp where there may not be easy access to a plug. 

This works for shelving units, coffee tables, and side tables, even when they're in the middle of the room. Light a forgotten corner of a hallway with a floor lamp or place a table lamp next to an armchair to create a cozy reading nook.

The mushroom lamp has been everywhere for the last year or so. This new lighting trend can be sleek or cute, depending on the color and style, and it doesn’t appear to be going away in 2022.  

Regardless of what you choose for your lamp lighting, we recommend fixtures in eye-popping colors to freshen up a space. 

Leave traditional metal lamp bases behind and explore a fresh selection of luminous colored ones, keeping in mind that these new bright hues are lovely against warm woods.

7. Chandeliers as Statement Pieces

chandeliers as statement pieces

High ceilings and open floor plans have driven the lighting trend toward larger ceiling fixtures, and chandeliers are no exception. The perfect eye-catching detail for a ceiling is a bold, elegant chandelier. 

While it’s easy to settle for recessed lighting or lamps, nothing makes quite a statement like a chandelier. Quite frankly, they’re the best way to illuminate your room and create a striking focal point. There is a wide variety of styles and sizes to suit any home—and any room (you can even hang one in your bathroom!).

More than lighting, these fixtures act as centerpieces. Some come with ornate designs that focus all the attention in a space on the fixture. These new on-trend chandeliers are modern, chic, and provide plenty of contemporary glamour.

Adding to the look of a space by day and dramatically altering the feel of a space by night, bespoke chandeliers help create a look that screams style and luxury.

Sophisticated and awe-inspiring, chandeliers can be used anywhere in the home where you want to create a statement. 

If you’re looking for lighting ideas for living room ceiling renovations, then there’s no better time to source the perfect chandelier for your home.

8. Layering Lights

layering lights

Layering your lighting simply means stepping beyond the basic overhead general light and thoughtfully arranging different styles of lighting to create a coherent and functional lightscape.

Rather than relying on a single source of light, 2022 will be about bringing back the look of layered lighting and will see a resurgence of incorporating multiple fixtures in a room. 

While that may sound like a lot of lights, it's an ideal layout for large spaces like living rooms where lamps and overhead lights play important roles in different situations.

For instance, the chandelier may be the accent lighting in a space, but adding layers of other lighting sources to allow versatility will add depth.

This can include recessed lighting, directional art lighting, wall sconces, and accent lamps. Installing dimmer switches and separate controls for each source can allow for a wide variety of moods.”

Layering allows you to emphasize different aspects for different purposes. Mixing and matching multiple light sources means that the room you use for work in the daytime can be transformed into an elegant space for entertaining in the evening and a cozy nook for late-night reading.

Choose Your Style

As important as your home lighting is to the overall feel of your space, it’s thankfully pretty simple (and fun) to experiment and find out what works for your home decor! 

As you can see, there's a nearly infinite array of ways to revitalize your space using lighting trends. Sometimes the best way to redesign your home is simply to change the way you see or approach it. Changing up the lighting lets you see your home or space in its best possible light.

Whether you have a mid-century modern aesthetic, like clean, modern lines, or are looking to infuse some color, swapping out lighting is the perfect way to showcase your style and keep your home on top of current trends.

Do not feel any pressure to choose a specific style. The best lighting design is one that you will love and which will work best in your home. 

The trends listed above are meant to give you an idea of what you can do with your home lighting whether you are renovating or building a new home or you just want to add a layer of lighting to your home.

Whatever your lighting choices for 2022, we hope this has helped bring a little inspiration!

If you would like some expert advice on lighting your home, can help. With a large range of lighting products, you are sure to find the perfect lighting for your home!


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