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15 Best Modern Side Tables That’ll Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Space

Modern side tables are the unsung heroes of the furniture world. Serving not only as catchalls for remotes, cups, and magazines, they also serve as a decorative focal point, adding just the right color or texture to a small space. Just as knockout shoes can enhance the look of simple clothing, interesting side tables can also add visual appeal to an otherwise understated interior; whether you choose clean-lined ones made from beautiful materials or tables with sculptural forms or unexpected colors.

Not only are these modern side tables useful for obvious reasons like storage and a place for your drink, but they're also the ideal way to add a little more decor to your space. And the fun doesn’t stop with the variety of shapes; different materials can also add that extra textural note you need in your living room, entryway, or even bathroom!

Perfect for resting a drink or simply showcasing your design aesthetic, side tables shouldn't be overlooked. Whether you're looking for a side table to complete your bedroom or you need a statement piece for the den, these accent pieces are certain to bring your entire room together with style.

Ahead are some of our favorite modern side tables, from elegant styles with chic marble finishes to colorful and stylish modern designs, we have a feeling you might find one for every room in your home. 

Scroll through our list of the 15 Best Modern Side Tables for any room in your home.

1. Modern Dog-Shaped Side Table

Modern Dog-Shaped Side Table

Have you ever had the pleasure of owning something visually stunning and artistic? Our Modern Dog-Shaped Side Table is exactly that and more. This artistic side table will also be a perfect addition to updating your living space. The stylish side table is made of resin, with a metal tray, which is beautiful and fashionable, as well as clean and durable. 

It can also be placed in any scene; the smooth tray table offers sufficient space to put cups or magazines. The back of the dog can also be used to store tissue. Set this lovely modern side table in your living room for the perfect place to rest a cup of tea and movie night snacks. 

View Item: modern dog-shaped side table

2. Rabbit Floor Figurine Side Table

Rabbit Floor Figurine Side Table

More than just a creative handicraft, this Rabbit Floor Figurine Side Table is also a work of art. It is a chic ornament that can accommodate small objects, and it's beautiful and practical. It is made of resin material, baking paint is applied on the surface, and it won't fade nor peel off. 

Additionally, you can put this rabbit storage tray on a table as a centerpiece for collecting keys, candy, chocolate, and other gadgets. Its cute and creative design makes it more attractive and adds some chic sense to your home. It can also be used as a collectible and it's also perfect as a gift for art lovers.

View Item: rabbit floor figurine side table

3. Modern White Faux Marble Side Table 

Modern White Faux Marble Side Table

Staged sofa-side or bedside, the Modern White Faux Marble Side Table adds a touch of sophistication to your living space. The royal-looking side table also has an excellent smooth marble finish round top with a sleeky round golden border.

Inspired by spiral and visual balance, this unique pedestal side table is framed in metal with a gold finish and topped with clean-cut round marble. Keeping your items within reach, this statement piece makes leisure time a must. This swanky piece of the table will surely elevate your living space.

View Item: modern white faux marble side table

4. Elephant-Shaped Side Table - Tray Top Decor

Elephant-Shaped Side Table

Set your drink upon this stunning side table. This whimsical Elephant Shaped Side Table will add a unique accent to any room in your home. A golden tray is held up by the adorable hand-painted resin elephant.

A majestic elephant figurine in many cultures and it's a beautiful way to display this stunning creature. Add a quirky touch to any space in your home, with this beautiful side table. This unusual, fun table is bound to prove a talking point and also enhance the aesthetic of your interior.

View Item: elephant-shaped side table 

5. Modern Hourglass Round Side Table

Modern Hourglass Round Side Table

Anchor your space with this Modern Hourglass Round Side Table. Featuring a unique hourglass design with subtle details, this delicate side table lends an intricate tone that fits into any decor. Coming with a round surface, this modern side table also serves as a perfect place to display fresh flowers, framed photos, or magazines.

This dazzling side table is crafted from refined fiberglass and superb metal, which provides superior structure and support, ensuring long-term usage. Available in two distinct colors, you wouldn't go wrong by adding this piece to your home!

View Item: modern hourglass round side table

6. Faux Marble Modern Side Table

Faux Marble Modern Side Table

It features a creative shape with a white tabletop which makes it a perfect addition to fit any home decor. Crafted from durable fiberglass in a gold finish, this elegant side table also showcases a delicate and stylish appearance and a unique silhouette.

This Faux Marble Side Table is designed to be the focal point of any living or family room setting which adds a modern and elegant element to your space. The beauty of this design lies in its simplicity. It is bold yet gentle, rustic yet sophisticated.

View Item: faux marble modern side table

7. Luxury Tempered-Glass Side Table

Luxury Tempered-Glass Side Table

Stylish and trendy, this Luxury Side Table makes the ultimate statement in your space. Boasting a round tabletop, it provides a perfect platform for framed photos and displaying art wares or magazines. Perfectly suitable for modern and contemporary living spaces!

Due to its luxurious look and interesting designs, it transforms any room into a modern and stylish interior. This piece is also suitable and elegant in a waiting room or reception area. Additionally, this modern side table is great as a side table, nightstand, or alternative nesting table.

View Item: luxury tempered-glass side table

8. Modern Marble Side Table

Modern Marble Side Table

The Modern Marble Side Table is a decorative metal end/side table with a marble surface and beautifully flared base. The marble shelf beneath also provides space for collecting small items. This modern side table also features a water-resistant footer. Plus, it comes awash in a neutral, glossy finish, allowing it to blend effortlessly with your color scheme.

This side table can be placed in any scene. It also features a high-quality metal base with a sturdy marble tabletop for functionality and durability. Featuring a stylish appearance, this table will be a perfect addition for updating your living space.

View Item: modern marble side table

9. Simple Sofa Side Table

Simple Sofa Side Table

This Simple Sofa Side Table combines a wood finish with modern styling and clean lines to create a modern look with functionality. It also features an accent tray table in a round shape with mini borders to add safety, and also a small storage space beneath it. 

The metal frame and marble wood blend to create a fashionable look that complements any bring interior decoration style. The Round angle of this table protects children and elders from a collision/accidental injury. It’s also suitable for the living room and can match any decor in your house.

View Item: simple sofa side table

10. Postmodern Water Drop Side Table

Postmodern Water Drop Side Table

This striking design of this standalone Water Drop Side Table was created by elite craftsmen using an old process of polished cast brass. Featuring delicate lines and dramatic accents, a carefully etched top reveals the heart of a golden tree trunk.

This side table is a remarkable and already time-honored piece that can also be used with contemporary and modern design styles. Also available as a set of two, three, and four tables to suit any environment that needs a superior and iconic design.

View Item: postmodern water drop side table

11. Modern Acrylic Clear Round Side Table

Modern Acrylic Clear Round Side Table

With a unique acrylic clear design, this design is simple and generous. The smooth round tabletop of the side/end table provides a perfect platform for framed photos or magazines. Created entirely by hand, this heavy, gorgeous piece of the highest quality crystal also has beautiful chrome accents, and clean, crisp lines. 

It is designed to fit a wide range of decor styles and is perfectly suitable for modern and contemporary living spaces. Add a modern touch to your bedroom or living room with this accent table.

View Item: modern acrylic clear round side table

12. S-shaped Glass Side Table in Walnut

S-shaped Glass Side Table in Walnut

The walnut side table in the furniture collection subverts traditional design norms by merging wood and glass. The piece's substantial walnut wood with 3 Tiers S-shaped foundations, along with a geometric and sophisticated design, also lends a classy look to this table. 

The Tempered Glass table features felt glides beneath its base, which also gives it a clean appearance. As a corollary, it blends seamlessly into a modern or traditional design, and it may be used as an end table to highlight ornamental items or create a comfortable reading nook.

View Item: s-shaped glass side table in walnut

13. Nordic Art Figurine Side Table

Nordic Art Figurine Modern Side Table

This Art Figurine Side Table is an artistic, light, luxurious, and stylish side table that brings your living room decoration to life with a sense of freshness. The abstract figure body shape is also used as base support with a tray above to form a storage function. The electroplated metal tray is more elegant in both gloss and size and it can bear up to 8 kg of weight.

This artistic side table also comes with a combination of black and golden colors on the body with a golden tray. Overall, this dancing life floor ornament is an attractive multipurpose home decorative side table.

View Item: nordic art figurine modern side table 

14. Creative Polar Bear Side Table/Storage Tray

Creative Polar Bear Storage Tray

Darling in design and practical in purpose, this ornament is a great way to add a hint of charm to your indoor space. With cute mother and child polar bears, this piece also features two areas for you to set your items. Use yours next to your sofa as a great spot for your glass of wine. 

Decorate your home stylishly, with the polar bears taking the spotlight. What a fun addition to your living room or home bar!

View Item: creative polar bear side table

15. Bulldog Butler Side Table

Bulldog Butler Side Table

Sick of your keys and remote filling up all the space in your bowl? Just add this cute Bulldog Butler Side Table for an adorable touch that also gives more room for your favorite snacks. Our resin dog statue butler is made of fine-quality resin and carefully crafted by hand to look just like a real-life French bulldog. 

The charming dog figurine is ready to live up to its title as your decor butler. It’s also a fantastic way to show off your love for dogs, and it can be used as a functional piece to hold anything from keys to jewelry.

View Item: bulldog butler side table

Our Shopping Checklist

- Multi-Purpose Design

No more side tables as afterthoughts: We think they present an opportunity to add statement-making, timeless, versatile design to a room, whether sculptural or minimal, clean-lined or bold, eclectic or traditional.

- Materials

Side tables come in a variety of materials; steel, marble, wood, acrylic, and more. When considering a material for your table, also pay attention to how heavy it is (Is it difficult to move yourself?), whether it’s a potential hazard for children (sharp steel corners do not pair well with little ones) and its durability.

- Dimensions

A side table should be just shorter than the arm of your sofa or chair—about 2 inches. That makes for a comfortable height to turn on a lamp or set down a drink. For chairs without arms, keep your side table no higher than 8 inches taller than the seat.

- Assembly

Before purchasing a side table, read the description to see if it comes assembled or if you’ll need to do it yourself. If assembly is required, are the tools included? Most of the side tables we chose do not involve assembly, and the few that do are ultra-easy.

Our Final Word

From the living room to the office, bedroom to the dining room, side tables are endlessly versatile. For extra storage or just for more surface area for reading lamps, candles, speakers, you name it; they also provide value in any household. 

Additionally, when shopping for a modern side table, balance aesthetics with functionality. As much as we admire great designs, a side table must also serve as a comfy place to house a lamp or set a drink. 

Whether you're looking for something unique to liven up your interior or are looking for something classic and practical to sit beside your couch, we hope you'll find something to fit your needs and budget in this round-up of some of the best end tables on the market.

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